What's New: Ippudo's Hakata Style Tsukemen And More Sidekicks At Ippudo Philippines!

Ippudo Philippines brings you closer to Hakata like you've never experienced before thanks to their latest addition of sidekicks and ramen items that you will surely love. I know I have!

Taking a bite at this Menchi Bun which is made from Ippudo's signature steamed bun with a panko-crusted menchi patty and glazed in sweet and savory yakiniku sauce and cabbage will surely whet your appetite even more..just in time before your ramen bowl arrived! I literally finished this in seconds (and it's probably because I walked for too long on my way to Ippudo during that night hihihi)

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Menchi Bun
The star of the show, however, is Ippudo's Classic Tsukemen, which is made Hakata-style with a few little tweaks that are just too satisfying to describe. Tsukemen is simply ramen that's made for for dipping - meanwhile, others may call it as deconstructed ramen. The Tsukemen at Ippudo, however, is served with a bonito-based tonkotsu broth that's so rich and quite heavy on the stomach, but I ain't complaining. I was literally ecstatic when I tasted this!

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Ippudo's Hakata Style Tsukemen
The noodles of the dish are quite firm and thick which made it easier to get all those yummy broth mixed in with yummy bits of bonito. It's truly a great way to enjoy ramen without filling too much on soup.

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What's even better with Ippudo's Tsukemen is the fact that you can choose between hot and cold servings. For instance, the Spicy Tsukemen was served cold. It's that unusual combination of cold noodles with a hot spicy mixture of spicy minced meat dipped in thick broth which tasted nothing but fabulous. I've had my share of ramen bowls at Ippudo, but what they have done with the introduction of Tsukemen is just impressive in my opinion.

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Spicy Tsukemen
Another sidekick which I recently tried at Ippudo is their Gyutan, or better known as Australian Beef Tongue, which I haven't had until that night. It's served in a sizzling plate, served with a dash of pepper underneath some vegetables and topped with an abundant amount of green onions; this dish is super tender and tasty that it almost melts in your mouth.

Nines vs. Food - Ippudo Philippines Hakata Style Tsukemen-5.jpg
Gyutan / Australian Beef Tongue
End your captivating Tsukemen meal at Ippudo with some Black Sesame Ice Cream, which is a great palate cleanser as well so you leave the resto with a balanced palate. Although some may opt for Green Tea Ice Cream too but I prefer having the former instead. 

All in all, I had another satisfying dinner after a busy working day, plus I got to see my foodie buddies again! Check out and follow my Instagram page @nineslicad to see my posts at Ippudo (for better navigation, follow my other social media accounts indicated below!)

What is your favorite ramen at Ippudo Philippines? Let us know!

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Black Sesame Ice Cream
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