Just In Time For Lent! Makati Shangri-la Takes Part In The Philippines 'Sustainable Seafood Week' From 15th - 20 February

Only a few days left to enjoy Makati Shangri-la as they get involved in the ongoing Sustainable Seafood Week in Manila from February 15 to 21, which is part of their Rooted in Nature philosophy of all Shangri-la properties all over the world, where the program aims to focus on using local and ethically sourced ingredients for the hotel's culinary requirements, as well as deepen relationships with the local communities while creating sustainable products which means higher-quality cuisine for their guests.

Aside from Makati Shangri-la's participation in this sustainable initiative, they are also urging local fish farmers to come and join in the festivities - such as master classes and technical workshops which are held at other venues such as The Peninsula, Enderun Colleges, Marco Polo Manila, Hyatt and City of Dreams Manila.

All these fish delights are now happening at specific venues in Makati Shangri-la --- on one hand, their premier buffet restaurant Circles Event Cafe will highlight the now popular "farm-to-table" concept with the use of only the freshest produce which is coming directly from the source: Sashimi and Sushi, Cajun-Style Skipjack Tuna with Tomato Chili Salsa, Smoked Mackarel, Cuttlefish Adobo, Giant Trevally in Salt Crust, Parrot Fish with Black Bean Sauce, Flying Fish Escabeche, Purse-Eyed Scad Paksiw and Wine Snapper Fillet with Potatoes Leek Stew.

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Circles Event Cafe
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Fresh Catch of the Day!
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Matangbaka (or Bigeye Scad)
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Grilled Tilapia
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Flying Fish Escabeche
On the other hand, I did experience having this exclusive five-course dinner menu for Php1,980++. A three-course lunch is also available for Php980.00.

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Sage Bespoke Grill
But before we even moved on to our first course, I've had a few appetizers waiting for me as soon as I arrived at Sage Bespoke Grill, with flavors already creating some excitement in my mouth - to start off, I tried some 'Kilawin-style' fish with hot peppers, ginger and vinegar. 

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Another type of fish (which I forgot) made into this tartare-like preparation and placed on top of bruschetta was next on the list. These did not taste fishy at all, but rather, each bite was a combination of crispy, creamy and rich profiles. I did remember having around two of these babies before I tried the last of the appetizers...

Nines vs. Food - Sustainable Seafood Week Makati Shangri-la-8.jpg

...this Matangbaka or more known as Bigeye Scad Fish (because of their big eyes) made in a sisig preparation. This is savory, salty, sweet and scrumptious. I wanted to ask for rice but I waited for our lunch to start instead hehehe!

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As for our five-course lunch, we started with some Parrot Fish Ceviche - leche de tigre Peruvian Style, cut into delicate raw pieces and combined with lemons, peppers and some coconut milk. A true Peruvian take on local produce. After a few mouthfuls of this appetizer, I couldn't help but be excited on what's next to come on our table.

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And then, it came: the Tomato and Oregano algarvio Gaspacho with beautiful pieces of baby squid a la plancha, which is just looking so awesome that I need to take a good photo of it before I dig in. Gaspacho is meant to be served cold so that the fresh flavors of tomato and oregano are still alive with each spoonful.

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And just when I thought that the gaspacho looked amazing, our main course finally arrived, and it was the most beautiful thing that I have ever seen on a plate! The Josper Grill White Snapper with Manila Clams, Tomatoes and Chorizo -- which was accentuated even more with some foam made of white wine and some streaks of squid ink, was gone in a few minutes. This dish is so delicious, fresh and healthy, it's probably the best dish I have had for Lent this year so please try this!

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We ended our fantastic lunch with a bowl of Caramelized Pineapple Crumble with Star Anis and Vanilla Sauce. The plating was elegant despite the use of simple ingredients, just the way I want my food to be. And to know that everything is coming from direct sources makes everything even more appetizing and wonderful!

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For inquiries and reservations for both Circles Event Cafe and Sage Bespoke Grill, you may call (63 2) 8142580, e-mail rric.slm@shangri-la.com or watch out for updates on Makati Shangri-La Manila on Facebook below:

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