Discover This Not-So-Hidden Barbecue and Steak Joint In Marikina: Check Out Beefalo By Hotrocks!

Hi guys! Sorry if you haven't seen me making as much updates online, as I've been been so busy with lots of stuff and at the same time, traveling for the past few weekends. I'm clearly on a whirl lately, but nothing is better than spending my time with the family whenever I go back home. For the record, my family isn't as typical, but we're crazy and fun especially when everyone is present - and some of the many activities that we just love doing is either cooking something up at home for dinner or going out to nearby restaurants to try out what's new.

There's actually this place in Marikina that would be perfect for bonding moments with them, and it's a shame that there isn't much time yet to visit Beefalo By Hotrocks, a barbecue/ribs/steak/burger/wings joint that started its operation in Libis, Quezon City a few years back, but then they closed that branch down and transferred to Mayor Gil Fernando Avenue which is now considered one of the emerging and hip food strips in the city of Marikina.

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The place looks so inviting and homey, much like when you would visit your neighbor's house at the suburbs in the US. If you're into American comfort food, then the force is strong in this place.

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With a standalone barbecue grill near the outdoor dining area at Beefalo By Hotrocks, I highly recommend this restaurant to be a perfect venue for outdoor parties. You can rent it out either for lunch or dinner for a more relaxing vibe.

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Although I wasn't with my whole family during the time I was there, I went there with my younger brother instead who happens to have this talent of eating A LOT OF FOOD. He's much like me, I guess! Hahaha! Just look at these refreshing Cucumber Lemonade, Dalandan Juice and Iced Tea which we enjoyed while waiting for our orders.

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Cucumber Lemonade, Dalandan Juice and House Iced Tea
One of the great things about Beefalo By Hotrocks is that they do have a lot of choices, so eating the same type of dish there is a no-no. There are lots of good options to try, and for starters, we tried the Beefalo Wings - deep fried wings slathered in a standard classic Buffalo wing sauce which is not that hot, and a spicier version which is a bit hotter but still normal for my palate (since I have a high tolerance with spicy food)

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Beefalo Wings
And don't get me started on their pizzas! The Margherita Pizza is quite impressive - which is made only with the freshest tomatoes, basil and cheese! Plus the crust is thin and crispy which makes each bite more delish while you enjoy the idea that it's so affordable (since I am a sucker for thin crust pizza)

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Margherita Pizza
The burgers are equally addicting too - as I tried their Beefalo Burger with cheese and LOTS of bacon. That oozing combination of salty, creamy, meaty and fresh just works perfectly together. Although the buns that they use are just the normal burger buns, but I don't really have a big issue with it. The important thing is that it is filling, fresh and so good.

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Beefalo Burger with Cheese and Bacon

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Beefalo Burger with Cheese and Bacon
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Porterhouse Steak
You can count on Beefalo By Hotrocks if you are in the mood for the meaty stuff - you can either order their sumptuous T-Bone and Porterhouse Steaks - cooked perfectly according to your liking (I like mine medium rare), or if you want to get your hands into some Baby Back Ribs with a sweet and smoky glaze, then my goodness just have some! There's just no point for resisting yourself to enjoy these dishes, right? RIGHT?

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Full Rack of Baby Back Ribs
Please don't judge me if I say that me, my brother, and new found friend Annick (who's in charge of Marketing Beefalo) almost finished this full rack of ribs!

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The grilled meats are even more appetizing when you pair it with some Classic Baked Potato Mash that's topped with cheese and green onions. I love how they came up with this twist other than just having your regular mashed potatoes.

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Classic Baked Potato Mash
And for dessert, Creme Brulee is one of those sweet endings that are not that sweet but packed with flavor! It's a great way to end your awesome meal when you visit Beefalo By Hotrocks!

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Banana Crème Brulee
Can't get enough of the photos above? Then check out Beefalo By Hotrocks' menu below (Note: Prices may change without prior notice)

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Beefalo By Hotrocks is located at Lot 6 Block 3 Gil Fernando Avenue Marikina City, and they have another branch located in Antipolo.

More details when you visit Beefalo By Hotrocks Facebook Page and follow them on Instagram @beefalobyhotrocks

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