Experience The Happiest Of Happy Hours At Applebee's Philippines!

Applebee's are turning 2016 into your best year yet, as recently it's all about celebrations of different kinds. Whether it's a birthday, a first date, your first paycheck or for some other reason you wanted to spend your time with friends and loved ones over some drinks and chow, Applebee's at BGC should be your best bet.

And your wallet will celebrate with you when you dine or drink at Applebee's with its best Happy Hour rates and offers which you can enjoy this 2016.

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Raising the bar with high quality cocktails and draft beers, each start at an affordable price of Php89! How fun is that, right?! Feel free to choose between sweet, tangy and signature Applebee's cocktails such as the Classic Mojito, Tequila Sunrise, Lime Margarita, Moonlight Margarita, Long Island Iced Tea and Pinacolada.

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Tequila Sunrise
I personally have to eat my way before I can finish a drink, so Applebee's selection of bar chows are highly recommended! Like these juicy Boneless Chicken Bites that are drenched in buffalo sauce which makes for that finger licking deliciousness with a slight kick of heat. 

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Boneless Chicken Bites
These Wonton Tacos are insanely scrumptious, it wasn't long before we got a few more plates for the gang! Housemade taco shells made from wontons are filled with boneless chicken, coleslaw and cilantro. Gosh, these are like crunchy, sweet, a bit spicy, yummy chicken bombs on your mouth!

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Wonton Tacos
Served with two types of dips, the Pot Stickers and also made to perfection as a great accompaniment to your choice of beer or cocktail. These delicious bites are filled with pork and spices for that added oomph. These are wonderful, just wonderful.

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Pot Stickers

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Sweet Potato Fries with Sriracha Chili Lime, BBQ Bacon Ranch and Maple Flavored Cream Sauce
Just in case you don't fancy having some filling chow to go along with your drink, these healthier options are just as good as the other options on their menu. Have some Sweet Potato Fries or these Green Bean Crispers which are addicting that I can't stop eating them! Think green beans made tempura style: crunchy and sweet, and very good for you too!

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Green Bean Crispers
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Classic Burger
As for their burgers, you can always enjoy them at Applebee's in the most vulgar way possible! Eating them messy is not an option, especially if you've got great ingredients to go with them like topnotch cheeses, fresh vegetables and bacon!!

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Bourbon Black and Bleu Burger
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Fiesta Lime Chicken
You can also try some other main entrees, such as their Fiesta Lime Chicken which one of my blogger friends ordered. One spoonful of this cheesy, gooey, spicy mess boasts a festive celebration on your mouth. I would like to order this when I come back there soon!

Of course, Applebee's is popularly known is the US as a homegrown place for comfort food fit for large groups, so the Baby Back Ribs is a must have to complete the entire celebrations! These babies are double glazed and broiled to achieve that charred and sticky sweet exterior. Tender and flavorful, this is good in the most legit way possible.
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Double Glazed Baby Back Ribs
Ended my filling meal with some Sizzling Blondies topped with Vanilla Ice Cream. I loved how that combination of hot and cold temperatures swirling inside my mouth. Oh yes, I am in heaven...in dessert heaven, that is!!

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Sizzling Blondies
More on Applebee's on their Facebook Page here.

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