Chef JP Anglo Is The New Face Of Globe Platinum - Take A Look At The Exclusive Menu That He Made Specially For The Event

Just before 2015 ended, Globe revealed it's biggest surprise for postpaid subscribers with their latest offers under their Globe Platinum Plans.

Imagine, having to gain access to the newest devices, consumable roaming, worry-free mobile data and data roaming, access to premium apps like Spotify, HOOQ and NBA, worldwide perks, exclusive privileges and unlimited calls and texts to ALL NETWORKS? Well, that's the kind of freedom that most of us would like to have, especially those who wanted to take control of many things and those who prefer to get things done with a powerful mobile and data connectivity to those they need the most.

Not to mention, priority access in Globe Stores and a personal relationship manager to attend to all your issues and concerns? WHOA. Now that can make me do more to discover more out of, let's say, my work, my business and my passions.

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And who else would be a perfect example of someone who can do so much and who remained successful despite all the odds than Chef JP Anglo, who is now Globe Platinum's newest endorser! It's a high time that someone from the F&B world can attest to the power of connectivity to get to where he is right now.

During Globe's Press Launch, Chef JP, better known as Chef Jayps, did not succeed in a snap of a finger. The Bacolod native had his own share of hardships and failures before becoming one of the most notable and bankable chefs in the Philippines today. But, with the help of his sheer determination and the support that he is always getting from his sister, his family and friends, he now has a couple of branches of his first baby, Sarsa, along with Kafe Batwan (where the press launch was held) and Liberation Shawarma, a mediterranean food stall in Hole In The Wall in Makati.

Aside from taking up Business in Ateneo (where he eventually found and met his friends and now business partners), he also maintains the love and comfort that is considered the main reason that drived him to success, all thanks to Globe Platinum and the features that he uses to connect to either his family, partners, colleagues, friends and employees wherever he goes. Whether he is off to a certain province or country to fuel his passion in creating his signature dishes, he is confident that he is able to go through his daily tasks through the help of a powerful mobile and data plan from Globe Platinum.

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And what better way to celebrate this momentous event for Chef JP by giving a taste of something that he meticulously prepared in the kitchen, which is crafted just for Globe and its guests from the media. Presenting this Modern Filipino Menu by Chef JP Anglo which was served to us at Kafe Batwan in BGC!

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A special Iced Tea made from Earl Grey leaves brought a refreshing start to our meal. It was bold with a sweetness that's light and balanced.

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These Molo Pot Stickers are warm and filling even though I only had one piece (although I am forcing myself not to ask for more because I know that there's more to come on our table hihihi)

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Molo Pot Stickers

Each spoonful of this Mushroom and Clam Tinola Soup is an explosion of distinct flavors. To combine such flavor profiles at the same time is just genius, it's so good.

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Mushroom and Clam Tinola Soup
Eating spinach became a lot more bearable with a combination of mango tuyo dressing, fresh tomatoes and crispy crablets which became more like salty crispy croutons on top of the salad. I made sure to finish this as this is just delicious.

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Spinach with Mango Tuyo Dressing and Crispy Crablets
After the appetizers, we were asked which kind of rice would we like to have with the main entrees. I chose the extra filling bowl of Steamed Red Rice while my foodie friends chose the Garlic Coconut Rice, which is topped with toasted garlic and desiccated coconut.

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Garlic Coconut Rice and Steamed Red Rice
The Garlic Shrimp in Talangka Gata is creamy, rich and a bit spicy, which goes very well with the rice as it sops in the juices from the shrimp, making each spoonful bursting with flavors from the sea.

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Grilled Shrimp in Talangka Gata

The Ensalada Espinada counters the richness of the other dishes, and is crispy fresh while they lay nicely on a bed of tangy garlicky dressing that is out of this world.

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Ensalada Espinada
The deconstructed Nose To Tail Kare Kare was a showstopper, and I love how the peanut sauce is separated to make way for a better and more appetizing presentation which is foodporn worthy.

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Nose To Tail Kare Kare
See that sauce that goes with the Lechon Kawali? It's not your typical all around sarsa, as Chef JP made a special sauce with chocolate that is sweet and savory and unique and I cannot explain further. The important thing is, I liked it, especially the way that the actual pork belly was prepared, which is not like the usual process you would normally do lechon kawali according to Chef JP.

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Lechon Kawali
Nines vs. Food - Globe Platinum-13.jpg
Turon with Chocnut Sauce

Capping off our meal are desserts made extra special, with a plate of Turon laden with Chocnut Sauce (Chocnut is a popular and addicting choco-peanut dessert in the Philippines); a hot and Sizzling Budbud - rice cakes drenched in coconut sauce and served while is sizzles over a hot plate (spell G.O.O.D)...

Nines vs. Food - Globe Platinum-14.jpg
Sizzling Budbud
And plates of Traditional Bibingka which is wonderfully cooked with some desiccated coconut, kesong puti and salted egg. It's like Christmas all over again!

Nines vs. Food - Globe Platinum-15.jpg
Traditional Bibingka
Thanks Chef Japys for that awesome meal! We really loved it! You can follow this Rockstar chef on Instagram at @chefjayps to see what he's been up to!

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Me and Chef JP Anglo

For more information about Globe Platinum and all the wonderful things you can get when you subscribe to them, you may visit today!

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