Where To Get Authentic Ramen In Quezon City? There's Nowhere Else To Go But At GOEN Ramen

You know that feeling when all this time you thought that you already know enough about a certain place but you don't really notice that there is much more to discover a few years later? This is what GOEN Ramen is to me. Open in 2012, they don't present themselves as a restaurant that serves authentic, but real Japanese food, simply because they always aim to get the best of the Japanese flavors come alive for our local palate. 

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No tweaks, no frills, just real Japanese food which are actually what owners John and Marilyn use to enjoy when they used to live in Japan. Now, the two are still on their quest to learning more about the Japanese food and culture and try to create real Japanese dishes through these principles on their menu. When I first visited there - my oh my did I get hooked right away! I instantly fell in love with their ramen, usual Japanese entrees and desserts! For starters - the Cheese Ramen - a combination of miso based soup, moyashi, corn, ajitsuke tamago, minced pork and cheese.

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Cheese Ramen
If you like your ramen plain and simple, then you may want to have their version of the Shoyu Ramen --- it's Dark Soy Sauce based soup, hosomen, nori, menma, ajitsuke tamago, naganegi, chashu, Naruto. Aside from looking good, the balance of soy in the stock is so subtle that it's never like sipping on a light, soy sauce (true story).

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Fact: I LOVE THEIR TANTANMEN. Definitely one of my favorite ramens at GOEN Ramen. Spicy, nutty, porky, yummy yummy yummy on my tummy tummy tummy! Oh, just, ugh so good!

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The Tsukemen (below) is basically deconstructed ramen which is quite adventurous to eat if you would ask me since it's not what we Filipinos are used to. A combination of Futomen, Menma, Boiled Egg, Fried Garlic Chips, Sauteed naganegi, chashu, kakuni is what makes the Tsukemen a lovely sight to behold. And it tastes good too! Eat it like cold soba - dip the noodles to the soup, have some meat, eggs and everything follows like magic.

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Not only that, GOEN Ramen also serves up other adventurous takes such as ramen with a tomato-infused stock which is quite unique, and this awesome Ramen Burger which is sure to brighten up your day and satisfy your hunger for something exciting! Just thinking about a ramen stock that's reduced until a rich and thick velvety ramen burger 'ketchup' is already enough to make me drool!

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Ramen Burger
Drool....and so full! Which is why I love eating a lot at GOEN Ramen, because I get to eat and just have my own time without the pressures of having other customers take your table. It's great because while I pace myself before eating more, I get to have some time playing with their Kendama toys which are utterly addicting to do! Kendama is actually a toy which originated in Japan but is considered more as an art form rather than just something to play with. Practicing for a Kendama competition - then hang out at GOEN!

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I was a bit tired doing my Kendama moves so I went back to eat some more - Tonkatsu, anyone?

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The Chicken Kara-age is fried perfectly in a light and airy batter which makes you savor the meat even more. Spritz it with a bit of lemon juice before you dip them in the dressing for that extra kick. RICE PLEASE.

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Chicken Kara-age
They also serve Tempura Set - complete with ebi and veggies for all you tempura lovers out there.

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Tempura Set
AND PLEASE GET THEIR IN-HOUSE MOCHI, which they make in limited batches daily to maintain freshness. I love how the mochi is thin yet it actually holds together the most plain but addicting vanilla ice cream inside. Simple, fool proof, it's a must try!

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Mochi Ice Cream
GOEN Ramen is most accessible to those who frequent Timog and Tomas Morato. It's just at the same area where Livestock and El Cangrejo is, so make sure you spot it right!

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