New flavors at Hole In The Wall: Garde Manger, The Beef and Last Chance To Enjoy Fire In The Hole Until December 31 2015!

Guys! Only two more days before Fire In The Hole at Hole In The Wall closes for good! This fiery pop-up at the hippest food collective in Makati leaves us with a bang on the 31st of December, 2015. But, just in case you weren't able to try it, you can always check out some other new flavors cooking up at Hole In The Wall until 2016.

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Just like at Garde Manger, where you can find healthy and fresh salad and veggie wrap combinations that will be interesting even to meat-eaters like me. I mean, just look at the interesting things that they use with their selection: 

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The drinks are even as interesting as the food, with their unique blend of fruit juices that pack a punch! On this photo we have the Bahamas (top) with pomegranate; Golden Hour with Honey and Tarragon; Summer Fling (bottom) with Sour Cherry and Calamansi; and Okayama (left) using Japanese peach.

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Oh, and don't get me started on their salad wraps! Much to my surprise, each wrap is different on its own. To be honest, I really thought that eating at Hole In The Wall is a bit painful on the wallet if you eat there everyday, but I can definitely go back to Garde Manger a few times a week and have these wraps for a light yet filling lunch or dinner.

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Mu Shu Sesame Chicken Wrap with Chili Hoisin Dip
My favorite (because it's gone in minutes before realizing I did not take a photo of it) is their Thai-Mango Shrimp Salad with Coconut Basil Dip. But I would also love to come back for the Mu Shu Sesame Chicken Wrap with Chili Hoisin Dip and Tofu Quinoa Wrap with Cilantro Lime Dip. Each bite is filled with lettuce with added surprises like carrots, mushrooms, cilantro, sesame seeds. Everything is just so colorful and exciting!

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Tofu Quinoa with Cilantro Lime Dip
And then we move on to the Salad Bowls. A play of perfectly cooked cold octopus pieces, red cabbage, carrots, julienned radishes, orzo, cilantro takes the stage and is really impressive to my not-so-picky palate. I really love this!

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Sesame Gochujang Octopus Salad
Or who would have thought of using Pampanga Sisig and making it into a rillete as an ingredient in this salad? Add some rich and creamy lentils and pili nuts. Gosh, if this was diet food I don't think it is hahaha. This is an entire lunch without too much carbs!

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Sisig Rilletes Salad
It's sweet and tangy on a whole new level when I tried the Marinated Watermelon Salad --- slightly charred watermelon mixed with lettuce, orange, feta cheese, and pistachios mixed with a balsamic citrus vinaigrette is fruity and savory and good!

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Marinated Watermelon Salad
Meanwhile, the Waldorf Salad is not your ordinary Waldorf Salad - yes, there's apples in it, but other ingredients include tomatoes, walnuts, cucumber, blue cheese and bacon. It's creamy, sweet, refreshing, filling and most of all, yummy!!

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Waldorf Salad
And now we go to Fire In The Hole...

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Before you get all too intimidated (especially for those who are not that tolerant with spicy food), Fire In The Hole offers spicy noodles in mild to spicy levels and is made with creamy base stocks from ingredients like curry, coconut and gochujang. There's the wonderful Laksa made with fish heads, a Korean stew noodle soup and a Thai Red Curry with Braised Pork Ribs. Oh, I might as well take a short visit at Hole In The Wall myself to try these dishes!

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Hot Prawn and Fish Head Laksa
Oh, and don't forget to try The Beef too! Although we won't be saying goodbye to this anytime soon, just a simple hamburger is packed with the best flavors that you can find in a burger! Forget about the added toppings or the tweaks and the unnecessary ingredients. This is one of the best simple 'real burger' finds that you can have here in Manila.

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Hamburger from The Beef

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Thai Red Curry With Braised Pork Rib
I mean, just look at this spread of flavors on our table! We were on a riot finishing all these! Yum!

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And please, please, make sure you can also try their Dandan Rice. My gosh, it's crispy, spicy, salty, sweet, and creamy from the fried egg! It's the Kimchi Fried Rice that I won't be having again so tomorrow is such a big day, I gotta have this one last time!

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Spicy Dandan Rice

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Korean Army Stew
The best part about Fire In The Hole is that it's not just all spicy things, at the end of your meal they want you to know that they still care about you more than ever, so the least you could do is have some freshly made Young Coconut Ice Cream that's made with simple ingredients but too yummy to handle! Topped with whipped cream, spiked with chili powder, mint and chocolate Pepero sticks, I cannot stop taking spoonfuls of this dessert and I didn't really mind doing it. It's sooooo good.

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Young Coconut Ice Cream In Shell
And true to my review, I came back for the Thai Mango Shrimp Salad at Garde Manger, and I almost forgot to take a picture this time, sorry, I just had to take a bite right away! Delish!

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Hole In The Wall is located at Century City Mall, Kalayaan, Makati. Follow @holeinthewallPH to know more about this hip, food emporium!

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*This post was part-press release and part-the writer's thoughts on Garde Manger / Fire In The Hole at Hole In The Wall PH.

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