Late Post Series: Yummy Chinese Dimsum And More At Yumchee, BGC Stopover (Plus An Added Birthday Surprise)

During the holidays, many of my friends often go to different provinces and countries to go visit their families or relatives. Others opt to take their much needed vacation - to go as far away as Manila as possible. Some, like me, would rather stay at home and be grateful of the days when not a lot of people are in Manila. Less traffic, less crowds, and more time to relax and be with the ones I love.

On the other hand, I have been pondering on where to use my travel money for next year, and one of my destinations is Hong Kong - to mostly check out the food. Meanwhile, while I still cannot book a ticket to HK, the closest thing to it is when I visit Yumchee which is one of the new 'fastfood' type restos along BGC Stopover. Take note, this is not your ordinary Chinese fastfood, this is a place where you can get all your favorite dishes at a fraction of the price of a plane ticket to Hong Kong.

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Yes! And what more better way to spend my foodtrip than with these crazy KTG peeps! The Kain Tulog Gang is at it again!

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Here is a preview of their menu. Quite a lot of dishes but it all boils down to the classic dimsum, set meals, snacks and specialty drinks.

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The dimsum, like in most authentic Chinese restaurants, are served straight from the bamboo steamer baskets.

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Some personal recommendations: the Beancurd Shrimp Roll and the Shrimp Dumpling! Oh because I am such a fan of SHRIMP. True story right there. Delicious.

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These BBQ Pork Buns are meaty, chunky, and nothing like those you get from other more popular local Chinese fastfood chains. These buns are worth craving for.

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The Congee selection at Yumchee is also one of the most comforting things you can find: choose from Pork Meatball, Pork with Century + Salted Egg, Fish Filet and Mixed Seafood (photo below). Pair it with their Fried Breadsticks and immerse yourself in this steamy hot dish. The owners swear by it as something that's close to when you get Congee in Hong Kong, so this must be something you can try as well.

Nines vs. Food - Yumchee BGC Stopover-7.jpg

Nines vs. Food - Yumchee BGC Stopover-8.jpg
Fried Breadsticks
Gosh to this bowl of Beef Brisket Noodles. I am smiling while I write this. I miss eating this. This is one of my favorite comfort foods and I am staring at it right now. Must. Go. There. Soon!

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I'm getting weak whenever food is Chinese, and I am blaming my mom for this (because she's Filipino Chinese lol). The Sweet and Sour Pork is love. This set meal cosrs Php199 with the main dish plus your choice of side. Not bad at all!

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Other options for mains include this Chicken Chop which looks and tastes absolutely wonderful....

Nines vs. Food - Yumchee BGC Stopover-11.jpg

...some Fish Fillet with Tofu (two thumbs up on this one too)...

Nines vs. Food - Yumchee BGC Stopover-12.jpg

...soft, tender portions of braised Beef Brisket (HI THERE)...

Nines vs. Food - Yumchee BGC Stopover-13.jpg

...Black Pepper Beef served with a side of seasonal veggies....

Nines vs. Food - Yumchee BGC Stopover-14.jpg

...this Chinese Adobo, which I find its taste similar to Pork Humba, sweet and aromatic...

Nines vs. Food - Yumchee BGC Stopover-15.jpg

...WOW, and some Orange Chicken! Gosh. These are all mouthwateringly good.

Nines vs. Food - Yumchee BGC Stopover-16.jpg

I also loved their Shaved Ice which are only priced at Php78.00. You may choose from 2 toppings with sweet and creamy milk. Just like this Mango and Strawberry Shaved Ice which is really refreshing.

Nines vs. Food - Yumchee BGC Stopover-17.jpg

The Mango-Kiwi combination is tart and sweet at the same time.

Nines vs. Food - Yumchee BGC Stopover-18.jpg

And my favorite: Grass Jelly and Lychee! A classic combination that never runs out of style when it comes to how you get shaved ice!

Nines vs. Food - Yumchee BGC Stopover-19.jpg

I would also like to say kudos to Goldilocks for this wonderful cake that we used to surprise our KTG main man on his birthday, Spanky Enriquez! This cake is photo printed and is one of Goldilocks' new ways of customizing their fabulous cakes! Backstory: Spanky didn't know he was about to get this until we were about to finish our food. And also, this post is super duper late so consider this an early throwback. Backlogs everywhere, gosh. But thanks for still dropping by my site to check out new posts!

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And please don't tell Jeng of Food In The Bag I posted this photo of him and Spanky, okay? :)
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