Late Post Series: Wee Nam Kee Turns 5 Here In The Philippines!

Recently, I was invited to celebrate as Wee Nam Kee celebrated their fifth year anniversary with a preview of their snazzy makeover at Wee Nam Kee's flagship store located at the Ayala Triangle Gardens.

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I'm so loving the oriental wall art. Very chic.

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There should be no confusion with the heavy amount of frames on this side of the restaurant. For one, it depicts Wee Nam Kee's tradition for the love of family and food.

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Not only did I enjoy hanging out at this newly renovated branch, I also got to celebrate their fifth year in the Philippines with a special dinner featuring their new dish, the Soy Chicken!

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But for starters, I had a bowl of their Classic Laksa, which is creamy and mildly spicy with firm noodles that I cannot stop myself from slurping once in a while.

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Meanwhile, one of my foodie friends chose to get some Chicken Curry Noodles instead, topped with Wee Nam Kee's Signature Steamed Chicken. Looks good but sadly I wasn't able to try this one.

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However, I did try their Soy Chicken with their special Hainanese Chicken Rice which is just bonkers delicious. This combination, like their other Chicken Specialties, has always complemented the Filipino palate, regardless that this is originally from Singapore. Who can go wrong with succulent pieces of chicken, steamed to perfection in soy? The result is sweet and savory and yummy!

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FIND THE HIDDEN SHRIMP! The Cereal Prawns is good, but in a way, the use of cereal made it a bit sweet for me, so I didn't indulge as much on this dish.. But surely, fans of cereal prawns can just go gaga on this plate however they want.

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This Spinach with Century Egg in Superior Stock looked intriguing for me at first, but when I tried it, it's nothing quite like it. Pair this with more of the Hainanese Rice and you are good to go. 

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Wee Nam Kee's desserts are just as satisfying, starting with a Light Coco Mango Mousse coated with more desiccated coconut. The combination is not usual for me but I am happy that the taste is just as good as it looked!

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Don't get me wrong, I love Buchi. I love Buchi so much that whenever I get it, I always try to save my piece  and eat it as a snack more than a dessert. But at Wee Nam Kee, who would have thought that you can inject some cheesecake filling and fry it to achieve that crispy, chewy exterior? This is amazing, but I still love the original Buchi in my opinion. :)

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Overall, you have to experience Wee Nam Kee again anytime soon to really know that they deserve a good five years and counting to the food industry in the Philippines. They serve simple dishes really, but everything is packed with an awesome punch that makes you want to come back again for more. Congratulations again to Wee Nam Kee and the Relish Group!

Just in case you do give Wee Nam Kee a visit, here's a menu, for your reference.

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