What To Expect: Trying Out 'World Of Burgers' By Chef Josh Boutwood At Village Tavern

Established in 1984 in North Carolina USA, Village Tavern has been known as a place where people get together to enjoy classic American food which are known for huge portions worth sharing. As part of the Bistro Group which is in charge of many popular restaurants (TGI Fridays, Italianni's, Fish & Co., Krazy Garlik, Bulgogi Brothers, Watami, Modern Shanghai, Tonkatsu by Terazawa and Buffalo Wild Wings), 

It should be known that two Filipinos stood out to handle the kitchens within the Group: Chef Mary Grace Viado started out at Village Tavern in the US and is now promoted to being Italianni's corporate chef at the age of 23. On the other hand, Chef Josh Boutwood, current corporate chef of the Bistro Group, once again takes on his culinary prowess to bring 'World of Burgers' to the Village Tavern Menu earlier last month.
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Black Widow
World of Burgers is a selection of Chef Josh Boutwood's unique burger creations made with premium wagyu beef. In summary, each burger delivers a mouthful of goodness since Village Tavern is known for using only the freshest and finest ingredients, from the bread, to the toppings, to the cheeses. I haven't even described the burgers and yet I am already making myself hungry.

But before that, let's have some Sangria and Black Widow (a fresh cocktail with cranberry juice and tequila) first. You should know that you need to go there before 7PM to avail the cocktails for only Php95. Let's. Get. Tipsy!!

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Red Sangria
For starters, we had some Ahi Tuna and Potato Salad, freshly grilled and sliced ahi tuna on a bed of marble potatoes and mixed greens tossed in a mild yet addicting crab fat dressing. It's topped finally with a soft boiled egg for that added richness. It's basically everything you want in a dish and something worth coming back for.

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Ahi Tuna and Potato Salad
There are four premium wagyu burgers created by Chef Boutwood for Village Tavern. The OCTOBERFEST - with swiss cheese, braised red onions and beer mustard; The MEXICAN - with chili and spicy queso sauce; The WALDORF - with a classic combination of apples, celery walnuts and St. Nectaire cheese; and lastly, the MONTE CARLO - with a premium selection of prosciutto, St. Nectaire cheese, and black olive tapenade. 

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I haven't tried the others but I did choose two - the Mexican, as suggested highly by Spanky Enriquez - food writer and host of Let's Eat TV Show on the Lifestyle Network. The Mexican is a real winner - think a wagyu burger and a mexican taco in one. And it's true, it really is so delish!

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Among the four burgers to choose from, The Monte Carlo was actually on top of my list (because I am a fan of prosciutto and black olive tapenade - thats why). It might seem to be on the slightly salty side but considering that both olives and prosciutto are already naturally salty makes it taste that way. But this burger is the real deal when it comes to having high standards. Consider it a guilty pleasure!

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Monte Carlo
Cutting a burger is not the easiest task, but to chow down on a burger this big? I can do it anytime.

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Visit Village Tavern today and grab these burgers while you can!

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