Dipdenza Coffee at The Fort Strip: Offering Premium Blends At Moderate Prices

There are times when coffee and I aren't exactly meant for each other, until these past few months where I had a renewed love in drinking it, especially after eating my lunch or dinner. But if you are tired of seeing or being inside crowded coffee shops and having the same drink over and over again, then you may want to try checking out Dipdenza Coffee located at The Fort Strip in Taguig.

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Just by coming inside Dipdenza Coffee you can instantly sense a true definition of what a coffee shop is: quiet, friendly; a place where you just want to sit, relax and focus on what it is that you need to do.

I, on the other hand, got easily attracted at their cake display. Unlike most coffee shops where you can just get probably a brownie or a waffle everyday until you get tired of it, you should expect that in Dipdenza they change their cake selections every couple of days in a week, giving you more options to try something new.

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A general partnership in its own, Dipdenza Coffee is an international coffee shop concept with far more moderate prices compared to other second wave coffee shops. The shop's owner takes inspiration from European coffee drinkers, and aims to make people appreciate coffee into a deeper level. Dipdenza also boasts a relaxing atmosphere which is great for coffee lovers - from students who wanted to study, to professionals who wanted to try something new. After all, she herself has become a coffee shop 'camper' herself, having to study long hours when she was still a law student.

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With that, Dipdenza coffee will surely please your senses with an array of hot, iced and blended beverages, savory snacks, delicious pasta and decadent desserts. At Dipdenza, expect premium blends at very affordable prices. Feel free to talk to the servers who knows too well about the blends that they are making, and may likely suggest which food items would match your drinks.
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Pour Over Coffee
You can even request to have it made as a pour over coffee, which will surely amp up the caffeine levels to its pure state and in true Dipdenza style (since the brand name came from the Italian word Dipendenza, which means addiction to coffee)

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Some of the blends that I've tried are the Brazil Fazenda Dutra which has notes of sweet caramel, chocolate and vanilla; the Guatemala Fancy Antigua Santo Domingo with notes of lemon and lemon peel, and the Ethiopian Sidamo, which also has sour notes with other herbal aromatics. Yes, it ain't the coffee that's bold or flat or mixed with anything that masks the true taste of coffee. This, my friends, is how real coffee should be.
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Some snacks that are worth savoring while you enjoy your drink at Dipdenza are their fresh, made-to-order sandwiches. My favorite is their Ciabatta Tuna Sandwich because it's lighter than their other, more robust options such as the Philly Cheesesteak Sandwich that's filled with cheese and lots of peppers; Beef and Cheese Wraps and Smoked Turkey Sandwich.

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Philly Cheese Steak Sandwich

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Ciabatta Tuna Sandwich

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Beef & Cheese Wraps

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Smoked Turkey Sandwich
This Premium Peanut Butter Frappucino is so good! It actually not too sweet which is why I love it so much! No wonder this is one of their top non-coffee bestsellers.

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Premium Peanut Butter Frappe
Speaking of bestsellers, you also have to try their delicious pasta! Choose from Pasta Bolognese with Sun Dried Tomatoes, Creamy Chicken Carbonara and their Spanish Sardines Aglio Olio.

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Pasta Bolognese with Sun-Dried Tomato
You have to know...
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Creamy Chicken Carbonara
...that I've tried everything...
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Spanish Sardines Aglio Olio
...on this entire spread. YUM.

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My sweet ending at Dipdenza is a Chocolate Lava Cake, complete with a scoop of Vanilla Ice Cream, whipped cream and chocolate sauce. Sinful, super moist. It was a dessert too sexy that I had to have this plate all by myself. You just have to try this. Argh.
Give in to a clean slate at coffee appreciation. Try Dipdenza Coffee today!

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Chocolate Lava Cake
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