Chihuahua Mexican Grill Owners open Woody's Texas BBQ in Makati: So Good You'll Slap Yo Mama!

If you are wondering what happened to Chihuahua Mexican Grill along Makati Avenue, well, the guys who brought you the best burritos and margaritas in town just gave birth to their newest baby, and his name is in Woody's Texas Bar-B-Q! With a tagline "So good, you'll slap yo mama!", first thing on my mind was "oh yeah this has got to be good..." :)
While in real life, Chihuahua Mexican Grill owners and Ines and Elian Habayeb just happen to be enjoying their new jobs as parents (after Ines gave birth to her cute little baby girl Paloma), both are still at it in shaking up the food scene in Manila as theyrecently opened Woody's Texas BBQ, the place to be when you are craving for great American Bar-B-Q, Texas style!

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And what better way to try Woody's Texas BBQ for the first time than with the KTG! For those who don't know what KTG means, it's a short name for Kain-Tulog-Gang. Basically, we're a happy bunch of people who are crazy about food. Know more about the KTG when you check out my sidebar on the site or check out Woody's Texas BBQ's official Facebook Page to see the photos during that night. Rawr!
The menu looks quite appetizing! Plus, it's not hard to choose on what to order at Woody's Texas BBQ since the prices are so reasonable! I can practically have as much food as I want here without breaking the bank.

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Fun fact: one of the many interesting things about Chihuahua Mexican Grill is that they make their own hot sauces and keep it in their 'hot sauce library', where customers are free to choose which sauce they would want to use to compliment their food. And it's nice that they kept the same idea for Woody's Texas BBQ! However, you must also know that they make their own barbecue sauce as well, so stay glued to this article and close your mouth - we sure don't want you licking the screen while you read this.

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Or maybe crave for an ice cold bottle of craft beer, perhaps? Woody's Texas BBQ proudly sells local and imported beer at smashing hit prices! I can have a Brew Kettle for Php44 or SMB at Php42.

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Let's start the party with some Pulled Pork Nachos. Crispy nacho chips, pulled pork, coleslaw and pickled cucumber. The mix and match of flavors marries well altogether in this bowl. Have it with a few drinks or just as an appetizer while you wait for the main stars of the show.

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Woody's Nachos
Speaking of drinks, I had the Long Island Ice Tea, while you can also choose from the manly Rum & Coke Slush and Chihuarita (beer margarita) - a Chihuahua Mexican Grill favorite and hailed as the 'best margarita in town' by Esquire Philippines. It wasn't too long before I imagined myself literally relaxing in an island with this drink.

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Long Island Iced Tea

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Rum & Coke Slush
Woody's Texas BBQ, for starters, is a place where you can find awesome ribs, pulled pork, texas hot links and beef brisket - all smoked perfectly in a pugon oven that can easily be seen before entering the restaurant. You can be sure that these smoked barbecue specialties are always ready for the taking whenever you are. And - not only can you order them ala carte, you can also choose from adding homemade sides to your choice of meat or prefer to try up to three kinds of meat along with sides, hence, they call this the Three Peat!
After a few minutes of catching up with the gang, my Clutch City Sandwich arrived in all its glory. Backed with a side of country beans and potato salad (these are awesome sides, may I just add), these nicely toasted buns are filled with a high tower of smoked beef brisket and links, coleslaw, pickles and barbecue sauce. The name came from the time when the Houston Rockets won two back-to-back championships during the year 1994 to 1995. Never did I bow down this sandwich monster, instead, I took a huge bite, pondered, and thought of a simple dream: to eat this for as long as Woody's Texas BBQ is open.
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Clutch City Sandwich with Potato Salad and Country Beans
This Three-peat, on the other hand, has a choice of Pulled Pork, Ribs and Brisket with that awesome smoke ring of perfectly charred, brittle bark of goodness. Definitely, insanely legit. Have a mix of their sweet and spicy versions of homemade barbecue sauce and you are on your way to BBQ heaven now.

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Three-peat with Cole Slaw and Country Beans
The Texas Hot Links is a result of pork and beef sausages cased in hog casings and slow-smoked to create that crispy 'snap' sound when you break them in two. It's meaty, juicy and just has that mild heat that is just addicting as its aroma. All these thoughts about Woody's Texas BBQ is just making me feel so happy!

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Texas Hot Links
If you are in the mood for a clutch city sandwich but too worried you won't finish it? Well, you light eaters are lucky that you can also get the same thing in smaller portions when you order their Sliders.

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Just recently, I've posted a photo of Woody's Texas BBQ's slow smoked beef brisket or better known as the 'Mount Everest of Barbecue'. You can easily tell when the food is good when it hits your senses: the smell, taste, even how it looks should all marry together to create an interesting dish. And taking a bit at this brisket is not just for the stomach, but for the soul as well. Truly, to visit Woody's Texas BBQ to try their barbecue is definitely a must-try for foodies. I hope your screen is not too wet, or is it? Wait 'til you try the desserts at Woody's!

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Smoked Brisket
There's the lightly sweet Banana Bourbon Pie, their Homemade Apple Pie, and the Coca Cola Cake - which was actually a secret recipe from Faith Hill which ain't so secret anymore. This one tops the list of the weirdest desserts I've ever had - but literally, the use of Coca-Cola for a cake just made a subtle sweetness that is indescribable! Two thumbs up for these great desserts that goes well after a great Texas-style barbecue meal!

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Bourbon Banana Pie

Nines vs. Food - Woody's Texas BBQ Makati Avenue-15.jpg
Apple Pie

Nines vs. Food - Woody's Texas BBQ Makati Avenue-16.jpg
Coca Cola Cake
And don't forget to also try their Jell-O shots for a sweet dessert with a slight kick of alcohol! Yeee-hawww!

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Dropping by at Woody's Texas BBQ soon? Check out their awesome weekday specials!

2-fer Tuesdays - two (2) free sides with your order every Tuesday
Beef Rib Wednesdays - nothing like some special smoked beef ribs on your plate once a week!
Champ's Chili Thursdays - Christian Vecin, executive and resident chef at Woody's Texas BBQ cooks up a batch of his award-winning chili every Thursday!
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