Chelsea Kitchen: A Warm And Fuzzy Comfort Food Haven In Manila

It was a long time since I came back to Eastwood that I did not know that Chelsea Kitchen already replaced MoMo Cafe which used to be situated near the entrance of Eastwood Mall. Good thing my Jeng from called me the day before for us to have late lunch with Mela, aka the self-confessed 'cookie monster' of Raintree Restaurants.

It's been a few months since Chelsea Kitchen opened in Eastwood and they continue to get more raves from many of their dishes, which are considered highly as comfort food. The overall interior design in the restaurant is a mix of quirkiness and casual cuteness. But so much for these factors for now, let's start by having some refreshing drinks first.

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Watermelon, Pineapple and Mint Refresher | Honey Lime Fizz
I ordered the Watermelon, Pineapple and Mint Refresher - a drink made with fresh watermelon fruit, mint and lime soda while Jeng opted for the Honey Lime Fizz - which is filled with muddled limes, calamansi honey and same lime soda base. If you prefer something different other than fresh fruit juices, then try these drinks at Chelsea Kitchen.

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Mushroom Chicharon
Before I headed to Chelsea Kitchen, I was browsing through some relevant articles about it and found out that the Mushroom Chicharon is said to be one of their biggest hits - see it looks very much like our local popular bar chow made from chicharon bulaklak (fried pork chitterlings)! only it's made with mushrooms instead! This is far less evil than the real thing - and served with two kinds of sauces -- some fragrant Basil Pesto Aioli and Spiced Red Vinegar Dip to create a slight kick.

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Roasted Tomato Cappuccino
The Roasted Tomato Cappuccino is a must for those who may be feeling a little bit down today - if there is anything to describe it, it's tomato soup with attitude! There's an added smokiness combined with the sweet and tangy notes (since the tomatoes are roasted), and the cappuccino effect is made by topping it with some creamy foam before they serve it. Dip some bread and voila - it's delicious! Yumyum!

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Yellow Carbonara
Another thing you should try at Chelsea Kitchen is their Yellow Carbonara - a rich and creamy combination of al dente spaghetti, DBL Bacon, Spinach topped with poached egg and Hollandaise. Yes guys, hollandaise, the same thing that you'd get when you order Eggs Ben. How outstanding, Chelsea Kitchen. Good thinking! Break up that yolk, mix everything well, and get yourself in a corner where you can eat it without any distractions.

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Hot Tapa French Dip
The Hot Tapa French Dip smothered with dijonaise, topped with caramelized onions and served with fries is a local twist on the usual French Dip sandwich. It's bread is thick, crunchy, savory, a bit spicy, and ugh - good. You can basically dip your sandwich in the au jus dip or even make it as a soup instead.

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Ultimate Grilled Cheese
Speaking of thick, Chelsea Kitchen has got a lot of thick breads for their other sandwiches. Take for example, the high and mighty Ultimate Grilled Cheese - a three cheese sandwich, served with Roasted Tomato Cappuccino and fries. Gosh, how can this be not filling to your stomach. I mean, rice may not be an option but man, this is a considered lunch for one!

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House Made Cookie Butter Pizza
So far, everything that we ordered were very good, tasty, and as much as we felt that our orders were 'light dishes', we were, to be honest, almost full! Coffee was what I needed, but desserts were mandatory, of course! So I highly suggest you say YES when someone asks you if you want an order of House Made Cookie Butter Pizza - fresh pizza dough topped with melted marshmallow, chocolate chips and bananas!

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Donut Holes
The Donut Holes are sinfully good - these sweet dulce de leche stuffed donut holes served with warm chocolate dip are best served warm and with some Cappuccino Smile made with Illy Coffee (the only brand of coffee served in other Raintree Restaurants). See the filling oozing from the bottom! These sweet beignet-like morsels taste spectacular! Thank you Jeng and Mela for an awesome foodtrip!

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Cappuccino Smile
Grab your friends and enjoy the best of comfort food at Chelsea Kitchen today! Chelsea Kitchen is open everyday (mall hours) with branches in Eastwood Mall and Mega Fashion Hall. 

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