Check Out This American Barbecue Joint Along Malingap Street: Chef Mo's Ribhouse

A few weeks ago, I've had the chance of trying out Chef Mo's Ribhouse along Malingap Street, which is located at a new building near Z Food Collective and Tomato Kick. The place is owned by Chef Mo Karim which he manages along with his siblings. It's a different kind of barbecue place from the rest that I've been to before - cozy interiors that remind you of rustic American home, with an improvised fireplace and yesssss - classic rock tunes playing on the background. Havin' a great barbecue lunch or dinner while listening to bands like the Beatles is my kind of moment.

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Not only that, enjoying Chef Mo's Ribhouse's specialties with friends is something one cannot beat. I've had the chance to finally see my favorite people in the world - my fambam! Good thing they invited me over for dinner during one weekend after my recent hiatus because of too much work and events going on under my sleeve.

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Grilled Beef Rib Plate, Grilled Cajun Chicken, Hickory Smoked Rib Plate, Rib Eye Steak
Chef Mo's specialties doesn't include an all-too extensive menu, but the American classics are definitely part of the list. For starters, you can try their Buffalo Chicken Wings made Texas Style with lots of hot sauce, butter and spices. 

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Buffalo Wings Texas Style
For me, smoking meat isn't really a tedious task, but I always believe that it has to take time for you to really enhance the flavors as you smoke it. I really love how the sauce is also homemade that you are sure to get the best out of their dishes. I ordered the Hickory Smoked Rib Plate and the meat was so tender that it easily falls off the bone once you slice through it! The sauce was sweet with a kick of heat. I preferred more hot sauce just because I looooove spicy food!

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Hickory Smoked Rib Plate
Some of my friends swear by the Grilled Cajun Chicken - thigh parts of chicken marinated South American style, grilled to perfection and served with honey mustard sauce. I haven't tried this yet but I will come back soon to check this out; the Grilled Beef Rib Plate looks stunning and monstrous! I love how eating ribs makes you look a bit primitive when you bite into the meat using your hands. If being primitive is eating like this everyday, then I think I might choose to be like that. Add some beers and you're in barbecue heaven, baby!

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Grilled Cajun Chicken

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Grilled Beef Rib Plate
Ending our meal are some desserts  - their New York Style Cheesecake (which was gone after 60 seconds, tops!) and their magnificent and sinful Chocolate Cake, with layers of chocolate ganache and topped with chocolate slivers. ARGH. I missed this!

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Chocolate Cake

Chef Mo's Ribhouse is a great way to indulge on American style food along the melting pot of eats at the Maginhawa/Malingap area. For more information on this new barbecue food joint, check out their page below! Go go go!

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