The Rain Did Not Stop Us From Going to DUO Night at M Cafe!

Have you ever felt that nature has been a bit unfair to you lately, like when you finally decide to go home after a hard day's work, then suddenly the rain pours heavily that you are bound to get stuck in traffic? If you are in Makati CBD and just needed to wash your stresses and blues away, then might as well hang out at Museum Café or better known as M Café with some friends to cap off the night!  
So I decided to call up some friends and invited them to come over at M Café on a rainy Thursday night. Timing was perfect, as they have this event called DUO Night which featured some of their intoxicating combinations of liquor into one shot. Just look at these cute shot glasses!
DUO Night featured four delicious and tipsy-worthy shots:
AZUL, made with Vodka, Curacao and Lime;
ROJO, a fruity mix of Cherry Whiskey, Triple Sec and Cranberry Juice;
VERDE which is a combination of Pineapple Vodka, Melon and Pineapple Juice; and
SUNSHINE, a ray of sunshine which includes Mango Tequila, Passion Fruit and Lime
Nines vs. Food - DUO Night at M Cafe-2.jpg
Sunshine, Verde, Rojo and Azul DUO Cocktails
Nines vs. Food - DUO Night at M Cafe-3.jpg

Not to mention, lots of pretty ladies that my guy friends have been spotting since they arrived at the café. Hahaha!
Chows are essential whenever I drink, and I think my friends agree with me too, so we decided to order some Glazed Chicken Wings. These are delicious - sweet with a slight hint of kick, and perfect with any cocktail or beer.

Nines vs. Food - DUO Night at M Cafe-4.jpg

I am not a huge fan of shrimp, but these are big juicy morsels are irresistible, spicy, a bit garlicky which makes it great with slices of rustic baguette.  

Nines vs. Food - DUO Night at M Cafe-5.jpg

Cheers to a rainy day!

Nines vs. Food - DUO Night at M Cafe-6.jpg

Oh, and by the way, we also got to hear the eclectic sounds of house and almost tribal vibes thanks to the combined talents of c/o Manolet Dario, Abdel Aziz and featured percussionists while we enjoy our drinks at M Café.

Nines vs. Food - DUO Night at M Cafe-7.jpg
Manolet Dario
M Café is open everyday until the wee hours of the morning to satisfy your need for awesome food, great drinks and smashingly good music!

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*This post was created by the writer's own thoughts about the DUO Night event at M Cafe in Makati.

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