The First Honey Creme Store In The Philippines Opens At SM Aura

Soft Serve Ice cream lovers, unite! Honey Creme is making its way though Philippine shores as they recently opened their first store in SM Aura in Taguig. The new branch is beside La Lola Churreria and has been seen with people lining up just to get their share of the popular treat originating from South Korea and Taiwan.

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With cones lined up for its customers, Honey Creme Philippines made sure that everyone gets a free taste of some soft serve ice cream -- which is made with only the freshest and not to mention organic ingredients.

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Although the foodies in Manila have already had a chance to try soft serve ice cream with honey comb from another player in the game, Honey Creme's difference with its competitors is that they have a milkier, lighter ice cream that is not too sweet, which makes it a perfect base for many of their unique and sometimes crazy that will make your Instagram followers crave for it.

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It's also interesting to know that their honeycombs are coming in our shores straight from the bee farms in New Zealand, which is known for having the best dairy and organic products around.

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From chocolate to grains to candies and even popcorn, the taste of Honey Creme Ice Cream is complimented perfectly considering its balanced taste. So when I saw that they can do an Cotton Candy Affogato at the store, I did not hesitate to ask for one. What's even more exciting was that a huge pile of cotton candy is also included in my order (and I thought it just tasted like cotton candy). What sorcery is this?!? :))

As for my verdict, I liked the combination of hot and cold temperatures in my mouth thanks to the hot coffee and ice cream together, plus that burst of sweetness from the cotton candy just brought back the kid in me in a jiffy. Then again, it was a trend that we are all afraid would die down soon (well, let's hope it doesn't). The prices may not be as reasonable for others - but hey, nothing is impossible if you are a certified foodie, so I'm guessing you'll still try this one in the next few days.

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What have you tried from Honey Creme Philippines and what is your favorite? Let us know by sharing your comments below!

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