Rosanjin Japanese Restaurant: Bringing The Traditional Art Of Japanese Cooking In Manila

Rosanjn brings the art of traditional cooking in Japan through their Tobanyaki and Kaminabe variations using nothing but the best and freshest ingredients. My love for Japanese food was the main reason for me to visit a few weeks ago, and I've learned something new after my first visit here at Rosanjin.
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Their unique use of the Toban, an earthenware used in Jaan, transmits heat easily, reserves the heat and quality of cooked food while keeping it from getting burned underneath. If you are sensitive with smoke and odor, the Toban actually eliminates this as well so you don't end up smelling like smoke or cooked food after eating in Rosanjin.

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I wonder what's inside the tobans that we ordered. Let's check it out!

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Wow! Slices of Australian Rib Steak alongside tofu is one of the most ordered items on their menu. It gets cooked by lighting a small tea candle underneath the toban and it gets cooked only after a few minutes. Don't worry, the servers are available to accommodate you in answering questions on how long it would take to cook and even check it themselves which makes it more convenient for you. 

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Australian Rib Steak
I personally love my steak seared to perfection but on the contrary, this toban style of cooking made the steak cooked with that perfect bite. Plus, you never have to worry about oily or greasy meat because the heat from the toban keeps everything heated while you eat. As for the sauces, they have three types of sauces served along with these tender bite sized steaks.

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I LOVED these Jumbo Scallop Butteryaki. Each mouthful is bursting with the flavors of the sea that's rich and buttery. I highly recommend ordering this when you visit Rosanjin soon.

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Jumbo Scallop Butteryaki
Meanwhile, the Chicken Cheeseyaki is quite unique with its combination of chicken, tomatoes, asparagus and oozing  cheddar cheese. With the unique cooking style using a toban, here's how it looked after only a couple of minutes:

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Chicken Cheeseyaki
Not only does it look appetizing, but it tastes wonderful too. The combination of cheese and marinated chicken even created a sauce which added another dimension of flavors without that usual burnt taste that you would get if you used another type of cookware to make this dish.

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Chicken Cheeseyaki
On the other hand, Kaminabe is the art of Japanese cooking by use of Japanese paper as a pot. Yes, it's true: it's actually cooked on paper! It's fascinating because this is usually made with soup dishes like Sukiyaki, so it's quite surprising to know that there are no spills when you order this one at Rosanjin.

I am a HUGE fan of Sukiyaki so this is a first for me to see it being cooked using paper! Cool!

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Sukiyaki Kaminabe 
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I'm so full eating everything that's served to us here at Rosanjin! There were a lot of 'yumyum' in the making of this post so please bear with my craziness hahaha!

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We ended our meal with this plate of Japanese Parfait, which is a combination of Green Tea and Black Sesame ice cream, warm mochi (sticky rice) balls and sweet and chunky bean paste. This is so so good, I kid you not! The trick is to have a small amount of everything and put it all in your mouth. Such a wonderful dessert to end our delicious Japanese meal!

Japanese Parfait (Php200)
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