Prost! Brotzeit Philippines Celebrate Oktoberfest 2015!

It's that time of the year again, beer drinkers! Say hello to Oktoberfest

Here in the Philippines, we may have our own version of one of the world's largest beer festivals originating from Germany, but of course it would be much better to celebrate the festivities in the most authentic way possible. So it's nice that earlier this month I was able to experience first hand on how Brotzeit German Bier Bar and Restaurant celebrate Oktoberfest!

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Their first of three Brotzeit Oktoberfest parties was held at their first branch in Shangri-la Mall in Mandaluyong, where people gathered to drink, sing & be merry! To start off, Draft Biers are available in big chug glasses at only Php240 per glass. Prost!

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Nothing is better than to have some German-style pretzels which is normally the food of choice to go along with your beer. During that night, we had glasses on glasses of Weihenstephan arriving on our table along with these salty, chewy pretzels as we continue the night with lots of games, prizes and fun conversations!

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Aside from that, you can also choose from a selection of dishes that are served especially for the ongoing Oktoberfest celebrations! 

Oktoberfest Platter
Crispy oven roasted pork knuckle, best of our sausages, honey Bavarian pork ribs and two side dishes of your choice
Price P2950

Beer battered fish fillet with potato wedges
Price P450

Veal schnitzel with mushroom sauce
Price P780

Flank steak with roasted potatoes and mixed vegetables
Price P980

Gebratenes Huhnchen
Roasted Half Chicken with choice of two side dishes
Price P490

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As for us, we had the Oktoberfest Platter - a smorgasbord of some of Brotzeit's best selling sausages, honey Bavarian Pork Ribs, their famous Crispy Pork Knuckle and two side dishes of your choice. During that time, we had some sauerkraut and potato salad to go along with all the meat that's being served on our table.

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I really love the pork knuckle at Brotzeit - just this one with beer and have a great time! However, I was having not just one-but a few Jager Bombs after having some beer. Man was I pumped up that night! There were lots of games, a DJ set, and band performances too!

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Also, just by celebrating Oktoberfest at Brotzeit Philippines gets you a chance to join in the fun through their mini games and trivia contests. Take a look for example are two ladies who are competing to have the highest stack of mini Jagermeister bottles. And the fun never stops!

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Oktoberfest isn't complete without the drinking contests! Not my kind of activity, but hey, the guys don't seem to mind! In fact, I know for sure that they are enjoying the free beer!

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By the time that I got almost wasted, it's a good thing I had to sweeten up my tooth with this cute chocolate cake surprise from the Brotzeit Kitchen. Yumyum!

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And if in any case you missed the previous Oktoberfest celebrations at Brotzeit Philippines, raise your Pint and join the fun on October 23 at Brotzeit Glorietta 4! See you there!!!

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