On The Spotlight: It's Dinner and Dinnerware Served At The Luminarc Dinner Series

What happens when you combine a world class leading glass/kitchen/table/dinnerware brand, the heiress of Filipino Cuisine, and a few loud and crazy food bloggers? The Luminarc Dinner Series is a three-part intimate dinner organized by Luminarc Philippines and dedicated to the people who are passionate about all things food and cooking, not to mention, the use of elegant and durable items from Luminarc.
During that night, the popular brand from France introduced their newest line of extended cookware called VITRO Blooming. This collection which is inspired by French morning blooming rosebushes allows you to hold their cookware easily, with less chances of spills and cracks. Their Luminarc Vitro ceramic material guarantees tough resistance from different kinds of temperatures whether it's coming from the freezer to the fire and directly to the table.

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It's definitely one of your must-buys if you are looking for healthy and versatile cookware for your kitchen and dining needs. I personally found their Luminarc Vitro ceramic pots to be effective for those living in condominiums, because of its elegance and multi-functional purpose. Just look how you can make your dinner table set-up like this! It's simple, modern and chic!
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And the one gracing us during that night was none other than the lovely Ms. Nina Daza-Puyat, who is currently the editor of Summit Media's APPETITE Magazine. She is better known as the heiress of Filipino cuisine, daughter of Nora Daza and the sister of celebrity chef Sandy Daza.

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I arrived at the second floor of CafĂ© 1771 in Ortigas wherein I saw mostly familiar faces: noted bloggers, popular Instagrammers, the people whom I share my passion with are in this entire room! And then I was introduced to Ms. Nina.
"Hi, I'm Nina", she said.
"Hi! I'm Nina too!", I answered her back with a smile. "But you can call me Nines."
"What?! My brother use to call me Nines too." With that I had a quick jumpstart to a great evening.

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Here is our scrumptious menu for that night, and the most elegant part? Was that everything on the menu is crafted and made exclusively by Luminarc for their guests.

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The Valle Verde Soup is a healthy start to a great meal. It's subtle taste soothing to the palate and healthy too!

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It wasn't long after when the Carving of Corned Beef Brisket arrived. The special cut of beef was made in house and had an almost melt-in-your-mouth like experience. This is served elegantly in a big plate filled with steamed vegetables such as cabbage, marble potatoes and baguio beans.

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This huge Salt Crusted Fish, in the meantime, was flaked separately and laid on this black serving plate from Luminarc. The plate's large size is perfect for serving this big fish, which can fairly accommodate lots of guests, or mainly for those who are find of cooking dishes family style.
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Both the meat and fish went perfectly with a hefty serving of Farfalle and Vegetable Salad: a light and easy pasta dish that's made with farfalle pasta that's cooked al dente, and mixed in with a ratatouille like medley of bell peppers, zucchini, garlic and tomatoes. The infusion of the aromatic vegatables with the plain pasta reminds me of summer days that are light and easy.

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My dinner was not heavy but filling. And thanks to a few glasses of wine, the conversations just kept getting better and better.

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The last course was a slice of Bread and Butter Pudding with some cream to make every bite smoother and richer. I didn't really declared it to those who were with me at that time I was eating this; but it went perfectly with the wine that we were having. Ugh, while writing this it's making me want to have wine RIGHT NOW.

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Before the night ended, Ms. Nina was able to test Luminarc's material to show on how durable it is even when you accidentally place something heavy or if it goes through some materials that might damage them. Take a piece of nail or a metal ball as examples. We've actually tried hammering down a glass under a nail and even threw a metal ball on top of a plate. Surprisingly, nothing was damaged! No cracks at all, it sure is impressive!

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It was truly one of my most memorable and inspiring times as a food blogger. It's a pleasure to meet the one and only Ms. Nina Daza Puyat as well as the people behind Luminarc and Arc International. I hope to see you again soon!

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And woah, lots of gifts were given to us on our way home! Luminarc is available at leading supermarkets nationwide so make sure to switch or upgrade your tableware / dinnerware brand to Luminarc soon!

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