12 October 2015

Discovering The Alchemic Experience: Check Out Alchemy Bistro Bar InMakati

Alchemy Bistro Bar may look a bit intimidating at first, given that it is actually located within the red light district in Makati, but you might be surprised to find out on what's in store when you get inside; where you would most likely give in to the alchemic experience that only Alchemy Bistro Bar can offer to its guests. In a nutshell, it's a casual, more known as a laidback French Bistro that offers delectable dishes without breaking the bank! 

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Alchemy Bistro Bar is located along Durban Street in Poblacion, Makati, which you can easily find at the corner, not looking as discreet as with some other restaurants surrounding it.

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Irish Ciders at the bar area
It has two floors with its own dining, bar and stage/performance areas, the only difference being that the second floor is more of a al fresco lounge while the one downstairs has an airconditioned area.

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Second Floor Lounge Area
Interiors at the ground floor dining area is an eclectic mix of old and new, reminding yourself of college days I think (the statues displayed are said to be similar to that of fraternity houses); and science projects (test tubes and flasks). Outside the ground floor is another, smaller al fresco area where their majestic pizza oven is situated.

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From left: Fiery Passion, Classic Mojito, Ying and Yang, Old Fashioned
And what better way to start things up at Alchemy Bistro Bar than with a few cocktails while waiting for our food, beginning with Fiery Passion and Ying and Yang, which I find both seductively hot especially when it hits down your throat (considering the surprising addition of chili which was infused in the liquors used). You can also find some classic cocktails that are actually not bad at all, especially when having it on a hot Sunday afternoon like what I did with my blogger friends.
Out on gimik night with friends? Why not try the Test Tube Rack instead? Just look how unique and colorful it is!

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Test Tube Rack (12 shots)

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For appetizers, there's Croquettas - mashed potatoes made into balls then breaded/fried, mixed with cheese, jamon and chives; these are served with smoked paprika dip, which isn't as spicy as it looks. The flavors are very distinct as you play with the levels of saltiness from the cheese and the jamon.

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Baked Oysters
And then we got Baked Oysters! These babies may be baked but they are still have that fresh sea flavor since it didn't take long for them to bake. Each plump piece is enveloped in spinach, hollandaise sauce and gruyere cheese and baked at a high temperature to prevent it from getting overcooked. I love them as they are but personally a splash of hot sauce would do just the trick to fire things up a bit.

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Mussel Frites "Mariniere"
Next up, the Mussel Frites "Mariniere", made with Black Chilean Mussels, garlic, wine, broth and tarragon with House Made Fries. I have a knack for mussels and oysters so there's no complaining when I tried this dish. It's simple, light and perfect while having cocktails or beer.

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Salami Picante Woodfire Pizza
And if you are tired of the same pizza over and over again, why not come to Alchemy to satisfy your craving for freshly baked woodfire oven pizza? Pizzas are available until 2AM so if you prefer to party first and have this for a hangover meal, yes, it is possible. We had the Salami Picante Woodfire Pizza - with toppings such as Spicy Italian Salami, Tomato, Onion, Mozarella that's layered to perfection.

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Surf and Turf Skewers
As we moved on to meatier dishes, we started off with a plate of Surf and Turf Skewers which is basically a combination of grilled tenderloin and shrimp with Cognac-Green Peppercorn Sauce. Cooked medium well, the light char added a depth of flavor and the sauce was amazing as it is addictive (keyword: cognac hahaha!)

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Chef's Burger
The Chef's Burger is made with a Wagyu Beef burger patty and served with Caramelized Onions, Blue Cheese, Smokey Bacon, Tomato, Lettuce, Potato Wedges and a side of BBQ Sauce (since some may prefer to have it without sauce). It's flavorful and the burger isn't dry or too charred. Nothing like a good burger to cap off any busy day!

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Better yet, have some Gnocchi! I've actually attempted to make this at home back when I was younger, which obviously didn't turn out well, so it's nice to know that Alchemy Bistro Bar serves it. These plump Gnocchi is tossed in a sauce based with Gorgonzola Cheese and Crispy Pancetta, and served with Herb Garlic Bread. Scrumptious!

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Pan Seared Salmon and a bottle of Local Dumaguete Dubbel
The Pan Seared Salmon is a must order! Served with Julienned Veggies, Mashed Potato and Dill Beurre Blanc Sauce, this is best paired with any of their featured craft beers from Dumaguete and Cebu. I like how the salmon is just cooked all the way through without having that overcooked, too-flaky texture. With everything that I have tried so far, I am just thankful not to see any rice because it's most likely that I will have to eat more food!

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Coq Au Vin
And since Alchemy Bistro Bar's Chef Tina Moscardon's education included studying in a renowned cooking school in France, she gives her own version of Coq Au Vin (pronounced coc-ow-vahn) Marinated Chicken Quarters in Red Wine, Lardon, Mushrooms, Pear Onion, Bacon and Carrot Puree. The red wine flavor almost give it a rather bold grapey flavor that makes it fruity in a way. The carrot puree was a perfect accompaniment to balance out the deep flavors in this dish.

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Slow Braised Lambshank
And considering that we are only four people in Alchemy during that time, we not only had one, but two of the most wonderful Slow Braised Lambshank, served with russel Sprouts, Mint , Carrots and French Beans and an optional siding of fragrant Mediterranean Couscous with pine nuts and sultanas. You can tell through the aroma that the lambshank has been well taken care of, considering that it has been braised for as long as 42 hours! What sorcery is this!?! It's so delicious!

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The Cebruery is just one if the few featured microbreweries at Alchemy Bistro Bar. My recommendation is the Dumaguete Dubbel which has a lighter taste of malt while the People Power Pale Ale has a bit more edge and boldness (but a slightly lower alcohol content than the Dubbel)

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But wait, any good meal is never over without having dessert!

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Crème Brulee
Just like this Crème Brulee that's made fresh with French Vanilla Beans, or maybe some warm molten chocolate cake to bring along with your dreams tonight.

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Warm Molten Chocolate Cake
This soft centered Belgian Chocolate Cake served with some cold ice cream is a perfect sweet ending after all the dishes which were served! Whew! That was challenging!

Alchemy Bistro Bar holds Ladies Night, gigs and band performances from time to time! For updates check out their accounts (as seen on the photo below).

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