Alden Richards From #Aldub Becomes Newest Endorser Of Snow Caps Glutathione In The Philippines

Considering that Snow Caps is now part of my daily regimen, I was delighted to see a lot of my blogger friends at the recent Snow Caps media conference who share the same sentiments with me in battling with everyday stress and having better looking skin at the same time. It's also an opportunity for Snow Caps to finally reveal its newest product endorser, which they have been hiding in secret until last 29th of October at Plaza Ibarra in Timog, Quezon City.

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To be honest, we have been advised not to announce in real-time where we were during that time, which means that it must be a big deal to have such an endorser. Jokingly, they said that "it's for our own safety". Gosh, who could the endorses be? All the while, I was having hints but I'm still not sure and I don't want to assume. But could he be the one?

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Based from the recent events, global phenomenon AlDub took the world by storm with millions of tweets and a lot of opportunities to become the most successful and sought-after love team in the Philippines today. Maybe Alden is the product endorser? The packed audience composed of media guys and gals were becoming all too excited already. We certainly don't want people scramming over the venue under his presence, now do we?

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Until finally, Alden went out from the stairs and greeted everyone with the uber popular Pabebe wave. What did I get myself into this time? Hahaha! Honestly, I wasn't a follower of AlDub (please don't kill me, AlDub nation) but good Lord, this guy is mesmerizing! Apart from Alden's handsome looks (he was practically a few meters away from me), good thing I was enjoying the food at the event.

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The 'Pambansang Bae', Alden Richards, is Snow Caps' first male endorser. According to Alden, the partnership was all because he sees himself that the brand also went through a similar phase as during the time that he was starting out in show business. He then declared that he has already entrusted his health to Snow Caps for two months now and the effects on him are just amazing.

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I mean, he is so cute and all, but he is also one of the most grounded and humble actors today. I only saw him in the movie "The Road" which is a Filipino psycho-thriller film and I must say that his acting talent is impressive. Today, his success is evident by keeping the Filipinos inspired and in love in a 'kalyeserye' with Maine Mendoza who is now reigned as the Dubsmash Queen in the Philippines.

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During the conference, Alden wasn't afraid to talk about his struggles in the past which led him to what he is today. On the other hand, he remains grounded and hopes that he changes the course of Philippine Showbiz, as well as become an inspiration to the country.

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I, on the other hand, was working on my goal to take that selfie with Alden on the background hahaha! Gosh, the light at the venue has not been cooperating very much.

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Ah-huh! I also have to mention that I asked him during the Q&A about taking Snow Caps with other food supplements (although I felt that I was melting while he was looking at me hahahahaha). He (along with Sir Eric from Vida Nutriscience) said that it's definitely safe because it is, after all, a food supplement.

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Want to see Alden face to face, sitting with you while you take a photo with him? Snow Caps is organizing a number of activities for you to finally have that selfie with Prince Alden Charming! Just make sure you like their Facebook page and follow their updates on where he will go next.

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