Spark Place Cubao Food Crawl Adventure: Check Out Snag Box!

I love how Cubao is slowly becoming a legit foodie destination thanks to the increasing number of restaurants popping out within the area. And just in case you drop by at the Spark Place (the new building fronting Ali Mall and SM Cubao), don't forget to drop by at Snag Box so you can feast on delicious and smokin' hotdog combinations. You won't see steamed hotdogs and chili sauce packs in this joint.
What's the difference, you ask? For one, they only use one a special kind of all-meat hotdog for all their sandwiches. Not only that, they use baguettes instead of the usual hotdog buns, which are both steamed and toasted. Using both techniques ensure that the texture of the bun is not dry and overly crusty, and the use of the baguette holds everything much better considering the abundance of toppings on each and every sandwich!
Just take a peek at their Snagalicious menu to believe it!
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Their hotdog sandwiches are made-to-order to attain freshness and are created in classic and unique styles. Carl and Stef are the owners, Carl is a chef based in Australia and Stef looks over at the daily operations in this hotdog joint.

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My Snag Box foodtrip ain't complete without trying all of their hotdogs and sides, one by one! But don't worry, I didn't get to eat everything because my trusted blogger friends from The KTG were on my side during that time. Let's! Dig! In!

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Here is the Chili Dog from Snag Box, topped with chili, cheese sauce and of course, jalapenos! It's not spicy at all, in fact, it's a much better version of your usual chili dog. I love how the jalapenos added a another dimension of heat to the sandwich.

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Chili Beef
They also have a Truffle and Wild Mushroom Ragu hotdog, topped with a medley of wild mushrooms that's sautéed in herbs and spices, with a generous amount of truffles to add a distinctive bite to it. If you are a fan of Truffles, then you may want to order this with a side of Truffle Potato Chips too, which is best served hot!

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Truffle and Wild Mushroom Ragu
The Rustic Onion Medley is created by pairing sweet and savory flavors (they use both white and red onions) which is achieved along with other flavor notes thanks to the additional cheese slices and black pepper.

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Rustic Onion Medley
If you want something rather different, check out the Noriyaki! This is one of two Japanese themed hotdogs at Snag Box that's topped with nori strips, Asian style slaw, kani underneath a toasted bun with wasabi mayo.

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My favorite is the Japanese Bulldog - a breaded and fried hotdog with Asian slaw and sesame seeds that packs a punch! Imagine a Katsu meal straight out of a bun!

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Japanese Bulldog
Another reason to come back to Snag Box is their Bacon Four-Cheese Brulee, which is just as tempting to eat as it to look. This one has four different kinds of cheeses and torched until it has that velvety, melted, smoky goodness that's evident in every bite!

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Bacon Four Cheese Brulee
Here are the Truffle infused potato chips that are freshly made as well. I love how they retained the skin which simply means there's more flavor that just having your usual commercially packed chips. Have this with your favorite hotdog and your good to go!

Nines vs. Food - Snag Box-11,jpg
Truffle Potato Chips
Visit Snag Box at Spark Place in Cubao and experience these one-of-a-kind snagalicious hotdogs at affordable prices today!

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  1. I have a thing for the unpeeled potato chips, I just love it. For that alone I'd try Snag Box. But of course I will order a hotdog sandwich too, because I happen to love them too haha...

    It may not be sometime soon though because Cubao is too far from where I live.