Stressed Out? Check Out One Of My Most Favorite Spas In The Metro: Soneva Spa

If you think that I eat when I am stressed, contrary to what other people may be doing, I'd rather go somewhere peaceful. Somewhere where I can relax and reflect. Somewhere that's not toxic or overcrowded. And most of the time, I would just reward myself with a good ol' relaxing treatment at the spa. But not just any other spa. One of my most favorite spas in Quezon City and in Metro Manila is at Soneva Spa, with its only branch located in Tomas Morato. 

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I've been visiting Soneva Spa since I was working in an ad agency that's within the Kamuning area, which means that I get more chances to just have a peaceful massage a few years back compared now since my work is now based in Makati. Just the same, I always find time during weekends or weekdays when I am free just to get away from it all: one of my most favorite things about Soneva is that it's not crowded, there's no noise or therapists making "chikahan" on another corner, no disruptive noises. At times they play soothing spa music that makes you want to slumber right then and there.

As soon as you get inside, you can see the receptionist right away to help you out in choosing a good treatment for you. You can also see a display of their other products and services, like Hair Growers and Herbal Teas.

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They also offer slimming services that I haven't tried before, but it's not my thing so I might as well get back on thinking about my preferred massage service.

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See this Foot Reflexology Chart that lets you know which parts of the body are relieved just by putting pressure on specific points on your feet. 

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For me I think this is like a trusted best kept secret spa (please don't think about it in a bad way haha) even for celebrities because of its secluded vibe. In fact, it also became the official spa of Miss Earth since 2006, which means that the spa is a trusted establishment since it has been operating for many years already.

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After looking through their list of services, I chose to avail the Traditional Hilot with Jade Stone Massage. Good for 90 minutes, the service is priced at Php1,517.00, which already includes a steam shower. The time of treatment starts after you take a shower. I often choose the Traditional Hilot, Balinese Herb Detox and Stone Massage whenever I visit Soneva Spa, so to have an additional treatment using Jade Stones is a first for me. I'm quite excited for my treatment!

Here is my room, which is actually a Couple's Room, but instead, I had it all to myself. Sweet! The earth tone colors with the dim light plus the soothing aromatherapy scent from their air purifier/diffuser is just fantastic. I wanna make my room like this hehe.

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But before that, let me give you a tour inside their clean and compact bathroom/restroom.

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Their shampoo always smell amazing. They usually have the Green Tea shampoo before but this time it's another shampoo that I cannot determine what. Maybe something with Lavender I suppose.

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When I came back after my shower, I saw these banana leaves and jade stones laid on top of a bowl of candles are now ready for my treatment.

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Banana Leaves and Jade Stones 
The whole experience starts off with a full back massage, and it's also the same spot where the heated banana leaves were placed. I admit, I would always feel like lechon being wrapped in a banana leaf but it felt good on my muscles. After the heated banana leaves, it was time for the cold jade stones to be rubbed on my back. The combination of hot and cold relieved my sore muscles and what therapists would call "lamig" (lymph nodes). And the rest of my time, I was asleep I woke up thinking like it took me a whole day of sleeping. I felt rejuvenated!

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Now, time for something warm to drink. You can choose between hot tea (ginger or green tea) or some cold Iced Tea if you wish to have something cool and refreshing. I'd always suggest drinking warm liquids after having a massage to ease up the detoxification process and to clear out these toxins even faster.

I'd always commend Soneva for having such approachable staff too, so I never forget to make chika with them before I leave. And it's true! You can even ask ate on the right side if she's know me and I'm pretty sure she will say yes :) because even my father and sister have already been loyal Soneva Spa customers too because of me! Hahaha they should have a referral promo next time lol!

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For a clean, relaxing and blissful spa treatment experience without breaking your budget, I suggest you head on to Soneva Spa today. I swear, this is far more satisfying than to spend thousands and thousands on a one-hour treatment at other popular spas in the metro. 

What's your favorite spa in the metro? Share your suggestions and maybe we can try it out some time!

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