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Being a legit foodie, I never really focused too much on having a perfect body (then again my self-esteem has always been in tiptop shape so that is just fine with me hehehe). Sure, I'm bound to eat lots of food, but that doesn't mean that I don't make efforts to stay healthy.

So lately I tried to get back into shape (and I hope my friends don't get to read this part hahaha) and as they say, when it comes to working out, there should be no excuses. What I did: I started to take MySlim capsules and drink to curb my appetite and lose a few pounds. And it's quite surprising to see the difference in just a month!

I started taking MySlim capsules once after each meal (lunch and dinner). Just make sure to drink lots of water throughout the day (personally, it prevents you from dehydration if you are not used to taking it - this usually lasts about a week or two). In 15 days, I can already fit myself in my smaller jeans and I can see my that the my chin is a bit more prominent. The fats on the sides of my chin also lessened.

It's actually my first time to take any supplement that are made to lose weight, so to see that MySlim worked made me more confident to finally post about the product. But as with other supplements, it will still depend on one's metabolism so try to experiment on it first.

The good thing about MySlim is that it's actually made with safe and FDA approved ingredients so you are sure that you won't get even more sick or get too dehydrated.

As for side effects, the only thing that was a bit obvious for me was the dehydration, but overall I did not experience any painful visits in the restroom and doing it at very unusual hours. I did not feel any illnesses when I took them, in fact, they even provided me with added energy (not just to eat hahaha that's already given) to do more stuff physically. I'm not saying that it's some super powerful weight loss product / vitamin, but it helps you to be even more active thanks to the inclusion of Vitamins B6 and B3 to the formula.

Here's what you can read on the bottle when you buy MySlim:
"MySlim has synergistic complex of Yerba Mate (Finomate EFLA 920), Pure L-Carnitine (Carnipure), Garcina Cambogia (Garcitrin), Green Tea Extract, Vitamins B6 and B3 which helps in increasing fat burning, reduction of fat resorption and suppression of appetite."

Yerba Mate or Finomate EFLA 920 is "clinically proven to help you lose weight thru fat reduction without losing lean muscle mass."

In the meantime, Carnipure "helps with weight loss by converting your stored body fat into energy" and "plays an essential role in producing energy from fat, promoting recovery after exercise, ensuring athletic endurance, providing the heart and immune cells with energy, and preventing early onset of fatigue during exercise."

As with any kind of slimming supplements, these are, if not always, most effective when you pair it with proper exercise.

Aside from the normal intake of one capsule per meal, I also had a chance to consume MySlim but this time in a drink form, which tasted a bit sweet like a light strawberry drink.

Do not fret though, because MySlim Drink is actually sugar free. MySlim Drink's key ingredient is Palatinose, which is a naturally derived energy booster from sucrose as its controls the release of glucose in the blood, which results to longer and more stable energy levels for your body.

The way to consume this is by drinking one bottle once every other day at the comfort of your home as the detox effect is supposed to take place during your time of sleep.

What happened was that I drank my first bottle on a Monday and did not really feel anything rumbling in my tummy while sleeping that same night (like how you would feel if you drink slimming teas which are basically bad for your stomach lining). The next morning, it was 'business as usual'. Not bad for a first timer!

So the major question MySlim really effective? For me, it sure is without putting any risk to your health. And with only a price of Php540 per bottle of 30 capsules and Php80 per MySlim Drink bottle, the price isn't too bad at all too!

I don't normally put on my vanity shots on my blog posts, but for evidence purposes, here are my before and after photos:

    BEFORE                                     AFTER

How was your experience with MySlim? Share your comments below!

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