Papa John's Philippines 'Doughs' A Better Job with Better Crusts On Their Pizzas

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Papa John's Pizza Lovers! I'm sure by this time you already heard of their newest stuffed crust and thin crust pizzas? They recently launched what they call 'Better Crusts' alongside their use of better ingredients to create better pizza and I've had a chance to try these pizzas first hand last month, which I am pretty sure you would want to know more about.
You can now enjoy your favorite pizza flavors with a better and crispier texture thanks to their new thin crust. Available in Simply Cheese, Hawaiian and Pepperoni Flavors, feel free to order this in regular, family and party sizes.

Simply Cheese Thin Crust Pizza

Pepperoni Thin Crust Pizza

Hawaiian Thin Crust Pizza

And before I move on to trying Papa John's Stuffed Crust Pizza, I also tried their newest appetizers - starting with these hot and cheesy Pepperoncini Dynamites - these are made from whole pepperoncinis that's stuffed with cheese sauce and wrapped in bacon. One bite and you'd instantly get that oozingly delicious experience! I literally had three of these babies without stopping because I love its spicy and cheesy combination. It's yummy in my tummy!  

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Pepperoncini Dynamites
The Ultimate Wedges, on the other hand, is a creative way of serving potato wedges: some pepperoncinis, a hefty amount of cheese sauce and dressing, some chopped pepperoncinis and a healthy topping of crispy bacon! These are best served while their hot and just got out of their kitchen.

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Ultimate Wedges
There was a moment where I was talking to one of my officemate (who is American) and he told me that Americans love cold pizza. I never knew why, but I didn't really like my pizza cold, so by the time that I took a bite out of the stuffed crust pizza at Papa John's (which was already a bit cold since I arrived late at the venue), it wasn't that bad at all! Although I guess I should have asked the server to have my pizza heated again, but I didn't mind. It would be nice to see that oozing cheesy goodness as soon as you slice through that crust. I might need to back again next time for this!

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Stuffed Crust Pizza
Don't forget to chug everything down with some of these awesome drinks at Papa John's - we got some Italian soda in Strawberry and Chocolate Shake too. And at that moment we felt like kids again!
Nice one Papa John's for bringing something new your already awesome pizzas! You guys are definitely 'doughing' a good job!

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Strawberry Soda

Nines vs. Food - Papa John's Chocolate Shake.jpg
Chocolate Shake
What do you think about the new stuffed crust and thin crust pizzas at Papa John's? Let me know your comments below!

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