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If there is anything normal about me, is that I am a very sensitive person, especially when it comes to germs and viruses. I always observe myself that I am very prone to sickness. A few dust, pollen or even the rapid (and sometimes extreme) weather changes easily makes me sick. So I always try to fight off the germs and viruses wherever I go, so portable sanitizers and wet wipes are not something new to me (and to other people I suppose) as one can easily buy these in your local drugstore.
However, with all the unseen pollutants and viruses that's spread through the air, it's never safe once you're out of the house, so when I got this Lysol On-The-Go Travel Bag a few weeks ago, I was very pleased with what the essentials that I received. This nifty cute bag has all the essentials that you need most especially if you are going out for a vacation or just for everyday use.
I myself have been a loyal user of Lysol Disinfectant Spray especially at home since it helps kill bacteria and viruses on contact while leaving a pleasant scent. I'm not sure if everyone knows about it but Lysol is also used in some of the best hospitals here in Manila so this only means that Lysol is a trusted brand.

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Lysol, one of the world's trusted brands in germ and virus protection is making sure that you and your family are safe wherever you go, thanks to their specially packed Lysol To-Go Disinfectant Spray that's perfect for traveling, Lysol Disinfecting Wipes and Lysol Antibacterial Hand Soap. 
Lysol's To-Go travel pack is best used when you use public bathrooms, while I have been using the antibacterial wipes often especially while I am traveling to and from the office. Lysol's Skincare Hand Soap is most effective especially when soap is not available within your reach.

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Check out the hashtag #LysolOnTheGo on Instagram to see who else are joining the movement to a healthy and safer environment for you and your family!

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