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Do you want to travel to 80 wonders in 80 days around the Philippines...ALL EXPENSE PAID? You get to visit different places, try out different kinds of food, see our vast culture, and not spend a single thing on accommodation and travel expenses. It's that amazing! 


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About a month ago, I've managed to find time to attend the launch of Juanderlust, which is one of the most awesome online travel competitions I know of and are perfect for those who love traveling and discovering anything, anywhere in the Philippines.

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It's where two accommodation booking websites partner up to launch an online competition to see our beautiful country, the Philippines through a whole new perspective that is simple exciting. It is a team-up project by local booking site TravelBook.ph and UK-based vacation rental booking site called StopSleepGo. Juanderlust is mainly a combination of two words: Juan - as what we generally call our people locally, and wanderlust, or simply going to any place to satisfy your hunger for new and exciting experiences.

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Among the attendees during the recent launch are various media outlets and some of Manila's travel bloggers who all gathered at the posh A Space Manila in Makati. Here we are able to know more details about Juanderlust, including the mechanics, and where it was also announced that on that same day, they have already started accepting sign ups. 

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Aside from the sumptuous finger food, I also enjoyed this glass of Juanderlust, a cocktail with the same name as the said online competition. A special drink courtesy of Hooch, it's made with rum, ginger beer, lime juice and blue curacao and topped with crushed ice. As they said, they hope that the drink would be the closest thing to quench your wanderlust.

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Not only that, both TravelBook.ph and StopSleepGo also provided some details on their respective services as well. For more details on how to join Juanderlust, check out the Juanderlust Mechanics on TravelBook today.

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*This post was created by the writer's own thoughts about Travelbook.ph and Juanderlust.


  1. I'm still thinking about joining, but the making of the video thing, argh!

    1. Hahaha less then two months to go! :) Go join na!

  2. Yes, the video was hard haha. I had to learn iMovie and it took me a week just to get started.
    The final result? 800 entries from 13 countries. The Top 10 semi-finalists have been selected for the Juanderlust contest...including ME!. If you want to see the entry videos and find out more about the Top 10, please visit the TravelBookPH website blog. You can also view my entry video on YouTube by searching "Brian the Juan" or "Brian Juanderlust".
    If you like mine the best, please comment on the TravelBookPH website and Vote For Brian!