Have An Organic Massage Treatment At The Comfort Of Your Home: Check Out Banayad Organics!

During my previous post on Soneva Spa, I mentioned that I am a junkie for spa treatments and massages, and there isn't a month where I don't get to visit any of my favorite spas just to indulge on relaxation. But sometimes, it's just tiring to go out, especially during weekdays where one would normally have a visit at the spa and then experience that dreaded traffic on his/her way home. Which is why I recommend having home massage services instead for that urgent need for body treatment.

But with all the many choices of what to avail, you may want to try Banayad Organics Home Service Massage - they are fairly new in the market but offer only the best in massage therapy because they use only organic oils that they make themselves. That's right - they make their own cold pressed coconut oil and infuses it with only natural ingredients that are just impressive! 

Banayad Organics also share this advocacy that although they use foreign massage techniques in some of their treatments, the owners are very keen on promoting the use of traditional Filipino herbs, which tends to be forgotten, so they wanted to create that awareness again about the important health benefits when you use those herbs.

With a tagline 'because what we put in our skin is just as important as what we eat', they make use of ingredients that are the things we normally see in our cupboards. But let's start with its origins first. 

Banayad Organics Massage is an initiative of two sisters who have learned about the art of making cold pressed oil from coconuts, where they also infuse it with traditional dried herbs (to initially create that 'healing' effect) which has a subtle aroma and does not really leave a powerful scent. But then the magic happens - once you ask for a massage treatment at Banayad Organics, they will either give you options on how you want your oil to be infused. You may choose form the following: 

*Star Anise and Cinnamon - which are known to fight against free radicals, combat fungal infection, preventive flu and rheumatism treatment, improves digestion and helps with sleep problems 

*Ilang-Ilang / Royal Oil (Diwata) - provides relief from stress, improves the nervous system, speeds up the healing process in certain wounds, and lowers blood pressure while leaving a floral scent

*Turneric / Rosemary Mint - it fights allergies while having a smoother complexion on skin

*Calamansi / Lemon Grass - a great way to calm nerves, and has anti fungal and antimicrobial properties  

The oil is heated lightly using an aromatic diffuser which makes your massage even more relaxing (notice how you rub your hands with oil to make with warmer? no need to do that with this one.)

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The Truth About Spa Oils
And if you are just out there going to any kind of spa, think again: beware because some spas are actually using massage oils made from a by product of crude oil, which tends to leave a sticky feeling after your treatment, so just make sure that what they are using is made of organic oils! 

Tip: If you encounter a spa where they need to wipe your body with a hot towel and sprinkle talc on your skin, that might just cause you to have a greasier after feel, so beware. You might be giving yourself more harm than good if you don't be cautious about it.

When you avail a treatment at Banayad Organics Massage, not only will you be left with a light ungreasy feeling that seems like you did not have any oils used during the treatment, you will actually feel the result come next morning! When I had a 2-hour massage using ilang-ilang last time (priced at Php1250), I was relaxed, rejuvenated, and my skin was became soft and supple!

Verdict: Highly recommended! Although you may want to call them beforehand so they can provide you with a therapist the soonest.

Banayad Organics also has an existing partnership with Orion Hotel in Tutuban Center and soon on another condominium located at Greenfield City (fingers crossed!) and BGC, so if you happen to be staying in that place, don't hesitate to ask for an organic massage that can improve your health and lifestyle!

What other kinds of home service massage treatment have you tried before? 

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  1. I've never tried home service, mainly because the space is not enough in my room in the dorm. I'm curious about the organics that the use though. I don't remember having lets say, calamansi, in a massage oil before.

    Price is steep though. But hmm.. I'll take note of this, maybe when I go in a hotel for a staycation, I can get their services.

    1. Marj! I recently tried their calamansi lemongrass oil and to be honest I smelled like calamansi but when I woke up the next day it only left a subtle scent. For the prices, the oil is specially produced considering that the owners' 'recipe' is the one their grandmother used to make it..so I guess with that the price is okay with me (rather than go to more inexpensive massage places with oils that can do more harm than good on my skin) - advanced happy pampering to you!! :))