Yabu Introduces Its Limited Edition Katsu Burgers

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Yabu fans! How would you like your katsu in a bun instead of having the usual unlimited rice and veggie meal set? 

Make way for Yabu's Limited Edition Katsu Burgers, which comes in two variations: the Hire Katsu Burger and the Ebi Katsu Burger.

Since it's launch last week, the Ebi Katsu Burger has been making waves throughout the japanese food loving crowd at Yabu. This burger is made with a huge ebi katsu burger patty filled with big chunks of black tiger prawns, and then topped with cabbage, shiso leaves, japanese pickles, caramelized onions and aioli encased in a freshly toasted brioche bun. This isn't your usual shrimp sandwich so this is definitely a burger worth trying - plus I can say that it's guilt free especially if you don't prefer having beef on your current diet.

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But considering my undying love affair with pork, I chose to order the Hire Katsu Burger instead. It's made with Yabu's breaded and juicy pork cutlet that is also topped with the same toppings as the Ebi Katsu Burger, but the only difference is that the dressing is a sweet and tangy tonkatsu sauce. With a patty so thick and medium well done, it never failed to satisfy my hunger during that night. Choose to eat these burgers with either a side of Japanese Chicken Salad or Furikake French Fries.

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The Chicken Salad did not disappoint either, as it has edamame beans, shredded chicken, and cabbage all mixed together in a spiced coleslaw dressing. 

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Just look at this Hire Katsu Burger! It's so huge that I wasn't really able to finish the whole thing (personally one order can be good enough for two already). Try this today and you won't regret it!

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Plus, you can actually order a full serving of these Furikake French Fries. These house fries are tossed in Japanese seasonings while they're still hot, and eating these can be so addicting! I was literally getting fries from my seatmates because I can't get enough of it! I highly recommend ordering this :)

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