The Fastest Way To Recovery: Trying Out These New Dishes At Brotzeit!

If there is one thing that I hate, it's rain. Considering that we live in a country where having two typhoons in a week is considered normal, unfortunately, I don't like it and the result is that I easily catch sickness. So even with just a little rain you can already see me all tucked in a jacket while wearing my trusty rain boots. But I hate it even more when the sun starts showing up again only after wearing my boots for a few minutes :)
But when I do get sick (or heartbroken, maybe?), one thing that I instantly think about is the 'power' of having recovery food. No, I'm not talking about the establishment called by the same name. It's comfort food that goes a level higher and consuming these kinds of food is sure to make you feel better. So forget the heartbreak, just head to your nearest Brotzeit German Bier Bar and Restaurant and try their new selection of German Recovery Food that's definitely worth your time.

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I was so happy that I got a chance to go back to Brotzeit again, this time at their Glorietta branch. Went I went at Brotzeit Shangri-la Mall last year, I was alone and had no one to share my food with. I was left behind, I guess. But now I've got someone to accompany me in my food adventures moving forward! 

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Before the first featured dish came, I had a chance to have some Brotzeit Brot while I wait for my friends. These are open faced sandwiches with the works: ham, cheese, eggs, pickles, cocktail onions and red bell peppers.
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Brotzeit Brot / Best of Brotzeit
Leg ham, belly bacon, emmental cheese, red bell peppers, boiled eggs, cocktail onions,
pickles, tomatoes and creme cheese

It was a lunch hour, but it did not stop me from ordering some wheat beer to go along with my meal. Brotzeit is known for their fruity Paulaner combinations but this time I had the bolder but not so bitter glass of Weihenstephan beer.

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Weihenstephan Original Hell Lager / Wheat Beer

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Brotzeit's Mariniertes Rindfleisch mit Kartoffeln may looks like the most simple bowl of corned beef, carrots and potatoes in a clear herb-laden broth, but this is actually one of their bestsellers. The aroma of the dish is intoxicating! Sip on the rich flavors of the soup while enjoying the tender chunks of beef that doesn't taste briny at all. This bowl is actually good for two to three people.

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Mariniertes Rindfleisch mit Kartoffeln
In-house cured corned beef in broth with potatoes

The Rindsragout is a meaty and mighty filling dish and is served with buttered spaetzle. I suggest you mixed it in with the topped apricot and cranberry preserve and spritz some lemon to add some zing to it.

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                                    Beef Stew in vegetable stock with buttered spaetzle, apricot and cranberry

For those who prefer having recovery Seafood, then the Lach mit Risotto is perfect for you. It's basically pan seared Salmon under a bed of freshly sautéed spinach and a simply made al dente risotto. But before you judge it by its simplicity, you should know that the salmon is at its flakiest. Every spoonful of each element in this dish is a burst of freshness for your palate.

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Lachs mit Risotto
Pan Seared Salmon with spinach, risotto and lime

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Schweinshaxn / Pork Knuckle
crispy hind shank of grain fed pork with potato salad, sauerkraut and homemade sauce

This is not actually part of the Recovery Food lineup, but I realized that maybe a Schweinshaxn or Pork Knuckle is all that I should ever need. They would only have a limited number of Pork Knuckles available everyday so this is a must order when dining at Brotzeit!

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I ain't a super fan of chicken (a lot of my readers know that I am allergic to chicken - poor me) but it did not stop me from trying this Chicken Pot Pie stewed in beer! It's cooked separately then baked with a puff pastry topping, so aside from enjoying the crispy flaky bread pastry exterior, you can feast in the moist goodness of creamy chicken and vegetable chunks.

Maybe try to ditch the Chicken Soup for now and reach for this bowl of Chicken Pot Pie instead.

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Huhnerbrust-Eintopf im Blatterteig / Chicken Pot Pie
stewed in beer with puff pastry

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Sahne-Flan mit Rumtopf

You may personally encounter some sad endings, but every meal should always have happy endings. Which is why Brotzeit also included some sweet treats for all you dessert lovers. Choose between the Sahne-Flan mit Rumtopf, a vanilla pudding dessert topped with rum laden winter fruits, or the Bavarian / Bayrische Crème which is served with fresh strawberry preserve, a German and slightly milder take on Strawberries and Cream.

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Bayrische Creme with Strawberry Preserve

If chocolates go very well with romantic encounters, it's equally appealing for those who feel a bit down as well. Finish your recovery with this super rich mug of Heisse Schokolade, a dark chocolate drink made with my favorite Dark Chocolate and topped with freshly whipped cream and more chocolate of course. It's thick and sweet and I just want to cry (tears of joy, that is.)

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Heisse Schokolade
made with Premium Bittersweet Dark Chocolate and Whipped Cream

So don't let the rain stop you from recovering your blues. Visit Brotzeit Philippines today!

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