Make Your Sunday Mornings Extra Special with M Cafe Sunday Boutique Brunch

If there is one place that I would like to avoid during the weekends, it would have to be in Makati because normally I am already spending too much time in my Ayala based office during weekdays that I'd rather go somewhere else to dine or unwind. 

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But having to go to M Cafe's Sunday Boutique Brunch is a perfect exemption for me to go back at least one more day before I head back to the office the next morning. Their unique take on the classic brunch buffet happens every Sunday from 10:30AM to 3:00PM so try to come on time to make the most out of their scrumptious breakfast and lunch selections.

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The new and exciting Sunday Boutique Brunch at M Cafe also coincides with Raintree Restaurant's 11th year anniversary. A big congratulations to the Raintree Restaurants Team for keeping the culinary spirit alive all these years!

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With a classy touch on boutique buffet, M Cafe offers an interesting selection of the following: gourmet cured meats, artisanal cheese, bread station, omelette and salad station PLUS you can order one main course. 

Choose from Kabila restaurant favorites like US Beef Belly Garlic Tapa, Alaminos Garlic Longganisa, Crispy Pork Belly Chops or Bistek Style Bangus Belly.

BUT WAIT, THERE'S MORE! Don't forget to enjoy some of their sweet treats and nibbles at the Dessert Buffet after you've had your savory fix.

For my main course, I ordered the M Benedict, made with perfectly poached eggs, arugula, tomatoes and some local favorite ham called Jamon Excelente. The bread which was used is quite thick that that I honestly had difficulty eating them (because of my braces) so I had to skip it. Overall, the flavors blend together and the hollandaise sauce is impeccable. This is definitely my kind of breakfast.

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You can also choose one from the many main course choices to jazz up you delicious Sunday brunch (and take note, you can also enjoy some jazzed up acoustic performances outside the restaurant as well while you dine at M Cafe!)

Beer Battered Fish & Chips
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Char Grilled US Beef Burger
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Croque Madame
Nines vs. Food - M Cafe Sunday Boutique Brunch-7.jpg

Grilled Chicken Tandoori
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Grilled Bone-in Porkchop
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Roasted Seafood Linguine
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If you prefer something with an Asian twist, you can also choose from any of their Noodle and Congee favorites too. Nice, right! 

In the meantime, I was busy observing the server's skills in making a good omelette. We ordered one with everything: onions, scampi, olives, tomatoes, capsicum, spinach, green chillies, wild mushrooms and double smoked bacon! Not bad for our first omelette as it really tasted good!

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The Tortilla de Patata goes well with your choice of omelette or salad, and is a perfect carbohydrate option instead of rice.

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The salad bar looked amazing, and you can see that the ingredients displayed are of superb quality as well.

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And they've got shrimps and shucked oysters too! Best with sinamak, some lemon or just chili sauce and that's all there is to it!

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The Seared Ahi Tuna with Salted Egg is definitely one of the most interesting combinations I have encountered. Little did I know that the flavor profile of salted egg can go so well with tuna.

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I just loooove salmon, especially when it's prepared in its raw form, so of course there's no doubt that I enjoyed eating these Norweigan smoked salmon!

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Here is the amazing selection of breads at M Cafe's Sunday Boutique Brunch...

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....with this amazing spread of artisanal cheeses. I tried the Cilantro Crusted Cream Cheese and it tasted fantastic with crackers. And with just that bite, I smiled.. :))

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I'm also a sucker for salami, so I also got some Chorizo Iberico and Salchicon Extra and topped it with artichokes. Yum!

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Obviously, here is my plate. You can make your Sundays like how I did only when you come over at M Cafe to enjoy their Boutique Brunch.

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Drinks are however, not inclusive with the Boutique Buffet. Mark and I only got a different kind of house blend Iced Tea each to go with our food.

And a few hours after, it's now time for dessert! M Cafe offers a dessert selection of Artisanal Cakes, Fresh Cut Fruits, Baked Nibbles like cookies and brownies, miniature donuts, as well as a pancake and french toast station. I would love to have some maple crusted French Toast next time I visit the place.

Here is an appetizing glass of Guinumis, which is perfect for any day with any kind of weather.

And before we left M Cafe, I enjoyed this cup of 'Sexy Tea' to aid up with my digestion. I even had a quick laugh with the server when he told me that I will be sexier after drinking the said Tea. Why Kuya, why don't you give me two more doses and we'll see if it's really effective? Hahaha just kiddin!

Thank you to KTG buddies for a wonderful time and Gwen CariƱo of Raintree Restaurants for being our gracious host during that time! Don't forget to list down your plans this week by making your Sunday as tasty as it should be. Check out the Sunday Boutique Brunch soon at M Cafe in Makati!

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*This post was created by the writer's own thoughts on the Sunday Boutique Brunch at M Cafe in Makati.

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