Ippudo Philippines Introduces Its Limited Edition 'Spicy Black' And Ramen Sidekicks

It was another rainy night just last Thursday and you would agree that during these cold times there isn't a much better way to cap off the night than to enjoy a bowl of good ramen at Ippudo Philippines. And because Ippudo always try to break away from the norm to reinvent and give a twist to their variations from time to time, it was a perfect opportunity for me to try their limited edition ramen: the SPICY BLACK.

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The Spicy Black is actually created by one of Ippudo's world renowned Japanese Chefs, but the beginnings of it came from Singapore, where the intense mix of Indian, Malaysian and Chinese influences continuously thrive. All these flavors from these cultural influences is so evident to the dish, that it instantly became a favorite because I myself am a fan of curries and spicy food.

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Having to taste test it a few days ago, in a way, the Spicy Black came from Ippudo's Karaka-Men portfolio due to similar elements: the intense tonkotsu broth, a hefty serving of spicy minced meat, fragrant oils, slices of pork chashu.
But since the Spicy Black has that spicy sesame sauce, spicy Koyu oil, curry flavored nikumiso and fresh cilantro, it brings a whole new dimension of spice to what is already intensely delicious in the first place. With one sip of the broth, I crave for another (although you can definitely feel it slightly tingling your tastebuds). With one slurp of the noodles, I smile. With the added tamago and pork chashu slices, I giggle with delight. And that fresh burst of flavor from the cilantro is definitely a winner for me (because I so LOVE cilantro!)
If you don't have the highest spice tolerance, it isn't really that intimidating, as the broth still has the sweet sesame kick that mellows down the spicy notes.
The verdict? I may need to answer this with a plea. PLEASE MAKE THIS A REGULAR ITEM ON YOUR MENU. Hahaha. Pretty pretty pretty please... :)

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Another must try is their BEEF ISHIYAKI RICE, which I think is a few of their rice dishes at Ippudo. It's made with stewed beef with yakiniku sauce and melted butter, cherry tomatoes, corn, French beans and crisp garlic chips served on a hot stone pot.
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It's yakiniku served in bibimbap style, and the way to consume it is to shred the pieces of meat while you mix them in with everything else that's in the pot. It's more likely that you will have some toasty bits especially if you don't mix them right away, but for most people, that would have to be the best part. As for the taste? It's fresh, a bit heavy because of the abundance of meat and rice, but having to eat this whenever I'm lonely will instantly change my mood to happy. Awesome. Yumyum.

Ippudo Ramen Philippines - Beef Ishiyaki Rice-3.jpg
Ippudo recommends two beverages that goes best with the new dishes: a Coconut Water based Mango Banana Smoothie topped with cinnamon, and this Lemon Spritzer that I got for myself. It's like a virgin lemon mojito that's so refreshing with mint leaves and more lemon wedges. 

Ippudo Ramen Philippines -Mango Banana Smoothie and Lemon Spritzer-1.jpg

The Spicy Black was launched last 29th of July and will be gone after a few months, so make sure that you can get them while you still can!
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