A First Look: Splice Modern Feast at The Portal in Greenfield City

When Splice Modern Feast had a soft launch two months ago within the Greenfield City District, I personally thought that it was a bold move to be bringing something that looked a bit more high end for the area. Compare it to the 'inuman joints' in front of Splice restaurant, first impressions mostly include an intimidating sight which might make you think twice to come inside this classy bar and resto.

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But it was Chef Ivory Yat's first restaurant, and being dubbed as The Sultry Chef, she definitely had something to prove to everyone. And just in case you just passed by it a couple of times without attempting to enter, let it be know that Splice Restaurant is all about good comfort food at affordable prices.

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Chef Ivory Yat
However, I can say that the soft opening of Splice was still successful apart from its obvious flaws: a not-so-working kitchen, the servers and cooks getting their rhythm, and the fact that the soft opening day is also apparently the first day of actual operations. Not everyone were used to what they are doing yet. 

It was these factors, and Chef Ivory's exuding positive vibes during that night, which made me want to give Splice Modern Feast another shot. Maybe I will come back for a drink or two and once again try their dishes.
Speaking of dishes, most, if not all of them are conceptualized by Chef Ivory, including the following:

Danggit and Chicken Skin Carbonara, a modern Filipino twist on the classic Carbonara, where the creamy sauce is said to be made from scratch. A very interesting combination to add a bit of salty crunch to the already awesome pasta dish. However during my visit at Splice, what I've tried did not bring a lot of justice to what is on the photo below. It's a bit on the dry side, maybe because it has been seating for a time while it's being prepared.

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Danggit and Chicken Skin Carbonara
Tha Puttanesca - haven't tried this yet, but looking at the photo, it does look appetizing.

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The Beef Stroganoff was flavorful, but during that time I did not feel that it was the best that it might be today, so I am thinking of trying this again when I go back to Splice Modern Feast.

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Beef Stroganoff
Splice Modern Feast Restaurant is also known for having Donut Burgers, where the donut buns are made in-house, and are topped with the freshest ingredients. Inspired by the Simpsons, they offer both the Lisa and Bartholomew Burgers, although I have only tried a mini version of the latter. I liked how the donuts are made fresh which makes you fall in love with it, especially when it comes to its texture. The patty is cooked all the way through and how it blended with the coleslaw and jalapeno pieces is quite good.

Nines vs. Food-Splice Modern Feast Greenfield Shaw-6.jpg
Bartholomew Burger

Nines vs. Food-Splice Modern Feast Greenfield Shaw-7.jpg
Lisa Burger
They also served some Butter Sriracha Wings, which are cooked perfectly, but the flavor of the Sriracha is quite lacking. Again, I understood that they had some problems in the kitchen, so maybe I can give it another go of this the next time I visit the place.

Nines vs. Food-Splice Modern Feast Greenfield Shaw-8.jpg
Sriracha Butter Wings, Danggit and Chicken Skin Carbonara and Mini Bartholomew Burger Sampler Plate

Nines vs. Food-Splice Modern Feast Greenfield Shaw-9.jpg
California Crab Meat Salad
Other unique dishes include a California Crab Meat Salad and some Angus Tapa Beef Poutine.

Nines vs. Food-Splice Modern Feast Greenfield Shaw-10.jpg
Angus Beef Tapa Poutine
Or better yet, try some of their spicy Chicken Satay served with Buco Pandan Rice. This one I have to say is a most unusual way of serving rice, only because I did not see Buco Pandan to be served in a savory way. It's a bit adventurous, but the flavors are actually familiar, so I guess you just need to take out the intimidation to want to try this out.

Nines vs. Food-Splice Modern Feast Greenfield Shaw-13.jpg
Chicken Satay and Prawn Crackers with Buco Pandan Rice
Aside from their Php200 Donut Burgers and other savory dishes at less then Php250, you may want to try going to Splice Modern Feast one of these days. They even have a number of awesome gig line us to boot (if you are in for some music or maybe a little stand up comedy, they've got you covered). But take note that they close not later than around 10 or 11pm, so make sure you come early.
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*This post was written by the writer's own thoughts about Splice Restaurant.

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