Unique Gastronomy: French-Japanese Creations At Le Petit Soufflé

Can't get enough of both Japanese and French food? Then Le Petit Soufflé at Century City Mall may be the answer to satisfy your appetite for dishes based on this unlikely mix of cultures. The said French-Japanese restaurant is where Chefs Kristine Lotilla and Miko Aspiras offer a selection of dishes, that combines a flair for French cuisine and artful Japanese influences within a casual setting. 

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This French Japanese Bistro's garden-like interiors makes you feel like you are dining in an al fresco area, complete with light fixtures and furniture underneath trees and plants with rolling pins hanging from the ceiling. 

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It's the perfect cozy set-up to enjoy a light lunch and freshly baked treats with friends. Instantly, I imagined Le Petit Soufflé as the ultimate 'Titas of Manila' hangout. Even I can come here alone and just chill at one of the cozy corners in this restaurant while enjoying some coffee and pastries. 

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Drinks have both Japanese and French influences, just like the Cold Matcha Latte and Cold Matcha Latte with Matcha Softee. which just adds more ooomph to your usual matcha drink. This is a must have for all you Green Tea lovers!

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I, on the other hand, tried to avoid having milk during that day because I haven't had breakfast yet, so I opted for a regular Cold Matcha, as well as Fruit Tea made with Forrest Berries, Mint and Celery which is very sweet, fruity and refreshing.

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Forest Berries + Mint + Celery Fruit Tea
For starters, we tried some interesting soup combinations at Le Petit Soufflé, like the Japanese Sweet Corn Potage which is made with a base of roasted and creamed Japanese Sweet Corn, topped with freshly grated parmesan and a unique topping that is parmesan flavored popcorn which served as a replacement for your standard soup croutons. The soup isn't as grainy, and the flavors are most comforting.

Le Petit Soufflé even takes on a new take to your usual squash soup, mixed in with a hint of Japanese curry, apple cider, thyme and topped with toasted hazelnuts and sour cream. This one has hints of heat and curry flavor that gives it a mellow yet truly remarkable flavor profile.

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Japanese Sweet Corn Potage
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Japanese Curry Squash Soup
Le Petit Soufflé's Croque Monsieur, on the other hand, is made with the flakiest croissant (imported from France) instead of usual white bread with bechamel sauce, black forest ham, and gratinated raclette which gets all melted and gooey as it heats up in the oven. This is served with a side of greens and topped with what else than a perfectly cooked sunny side up egg. Now this is what you call a healthy, light and satisfying lunch!

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Croque Monsieur
I personally believe that creative satisfaction is the name of the game at Le Petit Soufflé, along with the owners' inspiration to go beyond borders and make something even more interesting aside from simply combining two of the most popular cuisines in the world. 

I mean, who even dared of putting Hungarian sausage, Crimini Mushrooms and Foie Gras underneath a bed of the cheesiest Mac n Cheese? No one. And I mean no one but Le Petit Soufflé.

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Foie Gras Mac and Cheese
I also tried the Pancetta Carbonara, and with one forkful, took me straight to pasta heaven. Imagine al dente fettuccine, the fresh egg yolk, cheese and then comes the roasted cashews and pancetta. I mean, it is simple, but the flavor is just WOW.

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Pancetta Carbonara
If you wish to have some of their rice dishes, try the Squid Ink Rice. It's basically like squid ink risotto but topped with fresh seafood, Shimeji mushrooms underneath the fluffiest soft scrambled egg. Typically not the best option for a perfect date unless both of you are in for some serious eating.

I also highly recommend the Japanese Beouf Curry Soufflé: Japanese curry rice made with strips of US beef short plate, hidden beneath the most perfect light and savory soufflé that I have ever seen so far. This is one of the best Japanese Curry rice versions I have had so far.

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Squid Ink Rice
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Japanese Boeuf Curry Soufflé
Not only does Le Petit Soufflé integrate their talent for soufflé making with their savory dishes, but in their desserts as well. You can choose between their Cream Cheese, Chocolate and Matcha soufflés (which will take about 25 to make so be patient when you order them). They offer this selection of light soufflés which are all served with vanilla crème anglaise (and some maple syrup for the Cream Cheese Soufflés).

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Cream Cheese Soufflé Pancake
Nines vs. Food - Le Petit Souffle-16.jpg
Valrhona Guanaja 70% Dark Chocolate Soufflé with Vanilla Crème Anglaise
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Matcha Valrhona Ivoire 35% White Chocolate Soufflé with Vanilla Crème Anglaise
Apart from the interesting mix of sophistication and creativity at Le Petit Soufflé, we finally say hi at the Valrhona Grand Crus, their entremet, which consists of impressive layers of Valrhona Chocolate and combination of flourless cakes with the following percentages - 72% Araguani, 36% Caramelia, and two types of chocolate ganache (32% Dukey, 55% Equatoriale). Served with vanilla crème anglaise, this isn't your typical entremet.

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Valrhona Grand Crus

One has to pour in that warm sauce on the sides of the plate and start mixing it into the chunks of chocolate until it melts. This technique not only creates drama but also exudes a wonderful chocolatey aroma that's irresistible and for which you can only experience at Le Petit Soufflé. 

And I am proud to say that finished everything on this plate while no one was looking. This is sweet, sinful, chocolate love!

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Looking forward to coming back at Le Petit Soufflé soon!

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Me (in the middle) with my KTG 'parents' Rina & Richie plus Kat & Luke
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