Ramen Mondays and Sushi Tuesdays at Yumi

I. Am. A sucker for Japanese food. Seriously. I love it!

Yumi is one of my recommendations on where you can get good quality Japanese food. Not only because it's a 10 minute ride from our house (the one nearest our place is at Greenhills branch), but because Yumi has a way for satisfying your Japanese food cravings without having to spend as much! 

Speaking of affordability, you can choose from Buy 1 Take 1 on Ramen during Mondays and Buy 1 Take 1 on Sushi items every Tuesdays, as well as Happy Hour on selected cocktails (yes you can drink here), and even more discounts when you book them for events and occasions.

If you wish to have some ramen that's perfect for the rainy weather or anytime you crave for it, you can try Yumi's Tantanmen Ramen. It's topped with chashu pork belly, vegetables, various types of mushrooms, and served with a peanut based broth that's simply addicting.

Tantanmen Ramen
You can even pair it with some Gyoza and a bottle of your favorite beer to complete your ramen experience. 

Tanatnmen Ramen x Gyoza x Joe's Brew
For their Sushi Tuesday Promo, you can choose between this appetizing selection of Maguro, Sake or Ika Sushi. I am a fan of Sake Sushi so this is a done deal for me :)

Buy 1 Take 1 Sushi
You can also choose from a number of delish sushi rolls that are freshly made from their sushi bar. Just look at the beautiful details presented on each plate.

Ushi Ebi Tempura Crunchy Roll
Hamachi Jalapeno Roll
Aburi Sake Roll
Cauliflower Chahan
And for all you Paleo dieters, surely you won't get enough of Yumi's Cauliflower Chahan, mixed in with veggies and spices and topped with Prime Angus beef for a slight punch of protein. I tried the Chahan along with Yumi's Panko Crusted Salmon with Cheese and Grilled Hamachi, slightly seared and sliced tuna that's beautifully stacked and served with a spicy dressing. Yumyumyum!

Panko Crusted Salmon with Cheese

Grilled Hamachi
Wishing you'd have a hot cup of brewed coffee after you had lunch or dinner? Yes, Yumi has coffee too and free WIFI. I might as well camp out here again soon.

Brewed Coffee

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