Of Amazing Views and Splendid Dinners: 71 Gramercy

Want to experience a gastronomic journey located in the heart of Makati ,71 stories high? 71 Gramercy is a perfect place to celebrate it, in fact, it is the ONLY place that offers a unique setting not just for parties, but for different types of family and social events as well. It's operating under the supervision of Chef Carlo Miguel (of Mezzaluna, Sala, Sala Bistro, Draft and Opus), and has been making waves and raves since they started last January 2014.

Just looking at this undisputed and magnificent view at 71 Gramercy makes me feel like you're on top of the world! It's really nice to see the Manila sunset and it just feels great to know that I consider this vast and bustling scenery as my home.

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71 Gramercy is widely known for its Lounge Area as well, which turns into a party venue every night and where you can find some of the hottest local and international DJs while enjoying your favorite cocktails and liquor.

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The Lounge Area is equipped with Standing and VIP Tables for a night out with friends. Entrance is free and walk-ins are welcome; and the only minimum requirement when getting a table is by purchasing bottles from the bar. 

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And I got myself a Cosmopolitan while catching up with my KTG friends!

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Meanwhile, the dining area is beautifully set up with soft red chairs, couches and just the right amount of light which makes up for intimate dinners.

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It would really be nice having to dine with your special someone while enjoying this majestic view!

The interiors are chic, and I really love the details of the artworks that are displayed in the restaurant.

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And when I got out of the patio, WOAH. Just woah. I love the view! Although I'd have to admit that during the time I was there it was a bit humid, so it was quite hot that night.

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The restaurant was instantly packed as soon as it opened at 6pm, so maybe if you wish to dine here, feel free to contact them at 09178094093 for reservations.

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Going back to my Cosmopolitan, I was able to enjoy it along with these hor d'oeuvres such as the Grilled Scallops and Chorizo with Arugula Pesto, Mushroom and Feta Cheese Tartlets and Tomato and Strawberry Chutney on Toast with Avocado Mousse, each one made special and uniquely flavorful!

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Grilled Scallops and Chorizo with Arugula Pesto
Nines vs. Food - 71 Gramercy Restaurant-12.jpg
Mushroom and Feta Cheese Tartlets
Nines vs. Food - 71 Gramercy Restaurant-13.jpg
Tomato and Strawberry Chutney on Toast with Avocado Mousse
And now we are ready to sample the extensive yet carefully thought out menu that night. Personally I got excited with the Duck Breast and the #LEGIT Chocolate Cake, where me and my blogger buddies asked: "Why is it called #LEGIT?"

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Our venue was at the patio area, where a special table was being set up complete with colorful chairs, candles in clear glasses. And it looked utterly amazing come night time.

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The Gruyere Souffle is twice baked (just look at that toasty cheese texture) and instantly became a crowd favorite. It was gone in sixty seconds hahaha!

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Gruyere Souffle
Foie Gras fans will go gaga over the Foie Gras Napoleon. a seared slab of foie gras over a bed of crispy flaky napoleon and fresh greens with a balsamic dressing. This alone is already quite filling if I had ordered this for myself! But since my appetite was on a high that night...we now move on to...

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Foie Gras Napoleon
...this exquisite plate of Cured Salmon. Served with light greens and an oil based dressing. Ahhhh I so love salmon!! Very carpaccio looking!

Nines vs. Food - 71 Gramercy Restaurant-18.jpg
Cured Salmon
Tuna Salad, anyone? This is not your ordinary tuna salad, people: 71 Gramercy's Tuna Salad is made with an herb crusted and seared fresh tuna served with a special dressing and topped with citrus segments and greens.  I. Love. This! 

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Tuna Salad
If you think we're full by now, please let it be known that we've just passed through the appetizers. We then moved on to a back-to-back truffle showdown with the Tagliatelle Truffle and the Crab and Shrimp Risotto. Both exudes that unique truffle essence that makes me want to have more of what's on each plate. 

Tip: Make sure you don't go shy on mixing the Tagliatelle Truffle into the other elements of the dish. Just mix it until its all incorporated and enjoy it (by yourself if possible)!

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Tagliatelle Truffle
Nines vs. Food - 71 Gramercy Restaurant-21.jpg
Crab and Shrimp Risotto
And then it came: the slab of organic Duck Breast, seared skin side down and served with honey glaze sauce, onion and thyme puree, rhubarb, hazelnut and french beans. Not everyone may like the unique taste of duck but I love this so much!

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Duck Breast
Breakfast for Dinner is regarded as one of Chef Carlo's more unique dishes, and is inspired through his ways of having breakfast when he was still staying in Australia. It's a thick slab of home cured Berkshire Pork Belly, 62 degree egg, potato hash, mushrooms, greens tomatoes and tomato fondant. Slice into that tender meat, smear some tangy tomato fondant, have a bit of everything and just smile. It is sooo good!

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Breakfast for Dinner
The Roast Lamb is served two ways - one as a boneless rack of lamb, cooked to medium rare; and the other is confit ribs with roasted pumpkin puree, crushed minted peas and rosemary-garlic jus, which is something new and interesting for my palate.

Nines vs. Food - 71 Gramercy Restaurant-24.jpg
Roast Lamb
The Chilean Sea Bass is pan-roasted with lemon oil, crushed potatoes, eggplant relish. The fish is so flaky, moist and infused perfectly with the right amount of dressing.

Nines vs. Food - 71 Gramercy Restaurant-25.jpg
Chilean Sea Bass
I must admit though that I've had a few pieces of their delicious Australian Sher Label Wagyu Steak, which is cooked to perfection (medium rare)! You have to know that their steaks are grain-fed and aged, making the meat intensely flavorful once they grill it over wood chips.

Nines vs. Food - 71 Gramercy Restaurant-26.jpg
Australian Sher Label Wagyu 300 grams
After all that food? One thing was sure. I was so damn happy! But why be just happy when you can be so much ecstatic by ending your meal with desserts that makes you drool even more? 

It was when I found out that the #LEGIT Chocolate Cake is indeed legit since it was made with three kinds of chocolate made into five textures. Nice! And soooo good!

Nines vs. Food - 71 Gramercy Restaurant-27.jpg
#LEGIT Chocolate Cake
For those who aren't into chocolate, why don't you try their other desserts instead, light and refreshing Mango and Passion Fruit Pavlova, Almond Tart or their Dark Chocolate Souffle with Salted Caramel Ice.

Overall, 71 Gramercy takes on familiar comfort food and taking it on so many levels. Just splendid!

Nines vs. Food - 71 Gramercy Restaurant-28.jpg
Mango and Passion Fruit Pavlova
Nines vs. Food - 71 Gramercy Restaurant-29.jpg
Almond Tart
Nines vs. Food - 71 Gramercy Restaurant-30.jpg
Dark Chocolate Souffle with Salted Caramel Ice
Check out 71 Gramercy Official Facebook Page to know more about their table rates and reservations.

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