Of Blood and Dessert: The Rogue Cookie At Scout's Honor

As a foodie, there's nothing more spontaneous than trying out something that is out of the norm. And with the intricacy that Chef Miko Aspiras brings to the selection of treats at Scout's Honor Craft Cookie Shop, it was impossible not to encounter such unusual combinations.

During my last visit at Hole In The Wall in Century City Mall, I noticed that there are a few items at Scout's Honor that left me asking how it would taste like. As there are lots of options to choose from, I decided to get the Rogue Cookie.

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Which is actually made up of real pig's blood, integrated into a creme brûleé recipe with some tonka beans and chocolate sable. Tonka beans are these wrinkled seeds which is considered a mighty substitute for vanilla, and chocolate sable are French cookies with a distinct shortbread texture.

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And as creme brûleé is supposed to be served, it was placed in a separate pan and then dusted with some sugar as the server preps my treat for torching. When I asked how many percent the pig's blood was in the recipe? "ten precent..", he said. While I ponder on his answer, I just thought it seems safe to eat with ten percent blood on my dessert, right?

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And as I take my first spoonful, it actually tastes like chocolate! But honestly, with a slight hint of blood. If eating Dinuguan (pork innard and pork blood stew) is your thing, then this is way too easy for you. The only thing that was a bit initimidating was the texture of the custard in the middle, with a color like blood and that slight baked aroma from the shell.
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Overall, I enjoyed it, much like how Baby Rain enjoyed her own bag of cookies at Scout's Honor. 

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My piece of advice? Don't let intimidation hold you from exploring the food around you. You'll never know how good something tastes until you've tried it! 

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*This post was written by the writer's own thoughts about the Rogue Cookie at Scout's Honor. 

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