For Burger Lovers Of All Ages: Burgers and Brewskies

Note: This restaurant is now closed.

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Zucchini Sticks
Just when you thought that at Burgers and Brewskies (located in either Capitol Commons and Burgos Circle BGC) it's all just about man-worthy burgers and the most interesting beers that you can find, wait 'til you try their Kid's Grub Menu, which is perfect for those dining with their little ones, or even for those who would like to enjoy B&B in more manageable portions.

You can choose from crunchy Zucchini Sticks with tartar sauce, Krispy Pinkes (yummy fried chicken strips with a layer of rice krispies), or Curly Tails, which is not your normal Mac n' Cheese with lots'a bacon!
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Krispy Pinkies
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Curly Tails
The Slip n' Slide, meanwhile, are mini sliders that's perfect for their little growling tummies. These are topped with delectable cheese sauce and freshly fried potato crisps. If I would eat this, I may order around two more of these yummy burger sliders.

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Slip n' Slide
But since I was with my blogger friends and we know for ourselves that our appetites are just massive, having to try some kiddie meals did not mean that we won't be chowing down on some adult, pornolocious burgers that only Burgers and Brewskies can offer. 

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The most awesome burgers this side of Capitol Commons
Whether you choose a Corona, a Stella, some Hoe or Becks, there's always a perfect bottle of brewskie to go with your humongous man sandwiches like the famous Call The Nurse, Call The ER, Heisenberg, Pendong and Winner Winner Chicken Dinner Burgers.

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Winner Winner Chicken Dinner, Cloud, Pendong, Philly and Call The Nurse
If you prefer having beers on draft, don't hesitate to try their Holgate Beers as well. They are either boldly bitter or mildly flavorful, depending on what you choose.

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Holgate Beer
Nines vs. Food - Burgers and Brewskies-8.jpgNines vs. Food - Burgers and Brewskies-9.jpg

These beers are best with their mouthwatering Wing It Varieties (try their Salt n' Pepper Wings for a change!)

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Chicken Wings

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