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If you are on the prowl for some good Japanese grub in Makati, there are surely a lot of options to choose from. Then again, Yumi remains as one of my go-to places in the area for some great quality casual Japanese food at reasonable prices.

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Located inside the hip Century City Mall along Kalayaan, Yumi is a nice place to enjoy lunch or dinner after work, given that there is a hefty number of offices surrounding the vicinity. Aside from Yumi, one cannot miss other great options beside it such as Arrozeria and Hole-In-The-Wall. The overall design at Yumi looks stunning with a mix of earthy and oriental interiors plus an al fresco area for those who prefer to enjoy dining outdoors. One side of the wall looked like it was an improvised wine cellar, which also displays good quality wines and imported beers.

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Maguro Sake Arugula Salad
You might also be surprised on how Yumi plays with Japanese ingredients and offering us with new and exciting combinations which caters even to those who prefer a lighter fare. Try the Maguro Sake Arugula Salad, which has a great mix of salty and bitter notes with all the crunchy greens rolled into fresh salmon fillets.

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Sea Scallop Sushi
Or feast on some Sea Scallop Sushi, which I personally find as a perfect way to complement the fresh briny taste of sea scallops. And instead of nori, cucumber slices are used, which gives that added refreshing crunch on your palate.

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Prime Angus Sushi with Uni
Yumi also satisfies one's love for uni and prime angus beef with their Prime Angus Sushi with Uni. You would be surprised that the flavors did complement each other despite the differences in textures.

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Hotate Motoyaki
If you are on the adventurous side, try the Hotate Motoyaki and Oysters Diablo, which are made with scallops and oysters, respectfully. I am so into food served in their own shells and I really liked the flavors of both dishes (the former is cheesy and sweet while the latter boasts a milder type of heat)

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Oysters Diablo
And for those who still can't get enough of their meat, the Pork Belly Sushi at Yumi consists of perfect bite sized pieces of sweet and savory pork belly rolled into nori and some rice. 

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Pork Belly Sushi
And Yumi doesn't stop there. Their Unagi Foie Gras Sushi is one of their bestsellers. Who cannot resist perfectly cooked eel and foie gras with sushi rice and wrapped in nori? Don't forget to spritz it with lemon and you've got yourself a ticket to sushi heaven.

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Unagi Foie Gras Sushi
The last of the selection during my visit ends with mouthfuls of Aburi Sake Roll, made with tamago, rice and a layer of torched salmon with a bonus serving of salmon roe on top of each piece. It's sushi artistry right on the plate, waiting for them to come straight to my tummy.

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Aburi Sake Roll
If you were to try some of the pork dishes, opt for the Buta Miso Daki. It's is miso glazed grilled pork that melts in your mouth in every bite! Even the sesame seeds did some justice to the dish with an added nutty flavor onto the sweet layers of fat and meat. This is best eaten with either their Prime Angus Beef or Cauliflower Chahan.

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Buta Miso Daki
If you can't get enough of some greens on your lunch, then the Sea Scallops with Dynamite Dressing might cheer you up. Large pieces of scallops tossed in a spiced dressing which might be a little intimidating if you are not a fan of spicy food. Even the cocktail glass made the dish a little bit more dramatic. 

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Sea Scallops with Dynamite Dressing
What's great about Yumi is that they even cater to those who are currently on special diets, and their Cauliflower Chahan is created especially for people who are into the Paleo diet. You would never guess that it's cauliflower at first, but once you get the hang of it there's that slight crunchy texture that lets you determine otherwise. This is a definite must try guys!

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Cauliflower Chahan
Unless, of course, you would just want to stick with the basics like Ebi Tempura. But noooo, Yumi still executes it with its own unique flair by adding matcha and volcanic sea salt for dipping. It's just crazy delicious!

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Ushi Ebi Tempura

Yumi has also got an awesome selection of cocktails and beers that are perfect with their yakitoris, like this Kawa Yakimono, or simply, chicken skin yakitori. I. Want. To. Eat. This. Now.

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Kawa Yakimono
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Green Tea Tempura Ice Cream
Don't forget to save some room for dessert! Their Green Tea Tempura Ice Cream is just refreshing and because it's made with green tea, it also helps you cleanse your palate, which made it a great ending to our fantastic lunch at Yumi.

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