Gyudon Is The Newest Addition to the Yabu Don Series

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A few days ago, I visited Yabu to discover that there will be a new addition to their master class don creations. With only a few hours before its launch, I had the chance to experience it even before it hits the stores the next day.

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And to my excitement, Yabu features a don like no other: it features thick and juicy seared cuts of prime US beef belly, mixed in with sauteed onions and topped with a poached egg underneath a bed of fluffy steamed Japanese rice. 

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Yabu's GYUDON is as appetizing as it gets. Still, a good meal isn't complete without some appetizers. Before Yabu's Gyudon even arrived on our table, I enjoyed this array of sides such as chicken and potato salads, greens and baby octopus salad.

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Yabu visitors who may want to opt for the Gyudon shouldn't forget pouring over the wonderfully delicious honey soy sauce that's included when you order the dish. You would need to put everything on the bowl and mix everything together to enjoy this dish. I specifically like to do this and let the rice sit underneath the hot bowl for a few minutes until it gets toasty.

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The highlight of my Yabu Gyudon experience is in the small details: the use of the poached egg alone makes the gyudon a bit more edgy; plus the sesame seeds gives an added nutty flavor to the already evident sweet and savory notes. And the fact that this is the first ever beef based dish that Yabu came up with is what's making each bite so delightfully good.

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And what way to end my meal with a serving of some Kuromistu Ice Cream: two hefty scoops of vanilla ice cream served on a bed of black honey, topped with almond bits and dusted with sesame powder. 

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And I personally had to drizzle more honey as I ate this thrilling dessert. The sesame powder added a new spin to your usual chocolate or powdered sugar dusting. YUM! I'm going back for this soon!

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