The Attack Of The Dons! The Yabu Don Series Available Starting March 25

Last March 23, I got to check out Yabu's Premium Donburi Sets which are now my new found favorites at our favorite katsu place in the metro. Dubbed as "The Dawn of the Dons", the campaign was aimed at introducing two new master class creations donburi sets that are ABSOLUTELY worth trying!

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March 25 marked the day when the new Donburi sets are available to the public. 

Also introduced with two of Yabu's new mixed cocktails (exclusive only at Yabu's Glorietta 5 branch) that are sure to give you a light buzz after a long and tiring day. Fancy a Kiyohime? This refreshing drink is made with Shochu, Iced Tea, Mint and Lime. The alcohol is not overpowering the flavors of the iced tea and mint, but it did made me just a tad tipsy after a few glasses lol.

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Or if you want things a bit more simple, then you can stick with a glass of Honshea which is a combination of lemon and sake that gives you that slight kick of alcohol mixed in with that fruity tang from the lemon. The sake is dominant on this cocktail, so I stopped after a glass (you don't want to drink what you can't handle now hehe)

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The Salmon Don is made with much respect to the salmon, texture wise and flavor wise. One just cannot resist this 1 1/2 thick salmon steak over a bed of teriyaki rice and topped with eggplant, green peppers, and more salmon goodness thanks to the crispy salmon skin and salmon roe. The key is to transfer the salmon steak on a separate plate, then it's time to mix all the rest of the toppings together with the rice. What you'd get is this rich, salmon flavored teriyaki rice that isn't overcooked and not too sweet. 

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Meanwhile, the Katsu Curry Don is made up of your choice of either Yabu's signature cuts of meat: the Rosu Katsu, the Hire Katsu, or the Chicken Katsu; resting underneath a bed of japanese riced mixed in with curry sauce and mozarella cheese on top. It's cheesy curry madness! This one does not need to be mixed though (based on my preference) only because you just need to take a spoonful and just gobble it all up.

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The best thing about Yabu's Master Class Donburi sets is the fact that they are placed in heated bowls (just like how bibimbaps are served) so you are sure that your food is warm all throughout. Just genius!

And because it's called the Yabu Don Series, it just means that there's something to watch out for, right? Catch more Master Class Creations from Yabu real soon!

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