Available starting April 15 2015: Limited Edition 'Miso Akamaru' Ramen at Ippudo Philippines

Ippudo Philippines Miso Akamaru-1.jpgAs Cece Peniston's 90s song "Finally" broke out once again in the Philippine advertising scene thanks to the laundry detergent brand Ariel, I couldn't help but use the same melody of the song (and no it's not like I am trying to steal your idea Ariel PR guys hahaha) to say that 'finally ramen happened to me' at Ippudo Philippines last night, most especially since the hottest ramen joint in Manila introduces 'A New Ramen Experience'. This new experience features a flavorful twist to their tonkotsu broth, the hottest chashu in town, and the use of thicker noodles. Ladies and gentlemen, Ippudo officially introduces the Miso Akamaru!

The Miso Akamaru is Ippudo's premium and limited addition to their array of delicious ramen and their famous pork buns. This new recipe is made by blending 3 kinds of miso with their glorious tonkotsu broth, sansio ground pork, bean sprouts, green cabbage, plus an added infusion of koyu and red akamaru miso which gives it that slight heat on your tastebuds. At the same time, the texture of the broth is thicker and creamier, which makes it even more satisfying and filling.

Ippudo Philippines Miso Akamaru-2.jpg

Oh, and before I forget, they also happen to top it with Ooban Chashu - a rolled pork chashu slice that's torched to perfection, which brings out that sweet toasty savory, almost caramel flavor that goes well with that super tender meat. Amazing broth!

Ippudo Philippines Miso Akamaru-3.jpg

The Miso Akamaru also features extra thick and curly (no, it's not my hair) noodles which sops out the flavors of the broth even more without being too soggy as you consume it. The firmness is impeccable!

Ippudo Philippines Miso Akamaru-4.jpg

Aside from Ippudo's Miso Akamaru Ramen, don't hesitate to have this flavorful heaven of a bowl with some Deep Fried Gyoza and/or Fried Chicken Bun.

Ippudo Philippines Miso Akamaru-5.jpg

As a twist to their classic sidedishes, we start off with gyoza that's fried to perfection, topped with spicy mayo, negi and chili powder. These babies lay on a bed of shredded cabbage and best served with their signature ponzu sauce.

Ippudo Philippines Miso Akamaru-6.jpg

The Fried Chicken Bun is a lighter fare though, in comparison to their super yummy Pork Buns. This side may look as simple but is packed with all the right flavors and textures, such as that sweet glazed but crispy chicken fillet, creamy mayo, crisp cabbage and that soft steamed buns. Soooo good! (oops wrong tagline! Sorry! But it is so yummy like umami!)

Ippudo Philippines Miso Akamaru-7.jpg

I've been to a lot of ramen joints, but what makes Ippudo special is that they value consistency. And I think that's why they always have long lines when you visit Ippudo. But if you don't have the patience to wait, just be there during off peak hours and you're good to go.

Ippudo Philippines Miso Akamaru-8.jpg

Don't forget to finish your meal with some dessert! I had a dose of their Black Sesame Ice Cream but they also have other dessert options such as their Green Tea Ice Cream and Soy Panna Cotta as well.

Ippudo Philippines Miso Akamaru-9.jpg

The Miso Akamaru Ramen is available for a LIMITED time only so make sure to try it starting tomorrow, April 15, 2015. Go go go to Ippudo!

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