In Need For A Perfect Home Remedy? Here Are Five Reasons Why You Should Be Getting A Kimochi Aroma Pillow

You would probably know how food can heal you in many different ways. One may eat his share of veggies that can detoxify the body. Others may turn to chocolates or oysters to get their needed aphrodisiac. Or I can enjoy my all-time favorite tea anytime of the day which can actually help us calm our mind and soul.

But what if I told you that food can also take away pain in your body through thermal heat or cold?

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If you are still using that same ol' cold compress that turns wet or heat pads that don't do the job at all, then Kimochi Aroma Pillows may be a great alternative to heal tired muscle joints, trauma from bruises and help relieve stress after a hectic day at work. And the thing is, Kimochi Aroma Pillows are actually made with grains and seeds that can adjust to different temperatures. Whether you use it as a hot or cold compress, find out the five things on why you should get a Kimochi Aroma Pillow today:

Reason #5 - Kimochi Aroma Pillows are easy to use

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I got my Kimochi Aroma Pillow a few weeks ago, and you can see that it is neatly wrapped in a ziplock bag for protection. It also contains instructions on how to use them. Want a hot compress? Pop them in the microwave for 1 to 3 minutes tops (depending on the size of pillow and wattage of the microwave) and their good to go! This is soo relaxing especially when I put it on my shoulders and lower back (been dealing with mild scoliosis since 2009) 

If you want a cold one (no, not a bottle of beer), put your Kimochi Aroma Pillow inside your ziplock bag and freeze for about an hour. I like to use it as a cold compress and just rest my face on it. Not only does it soothes my tired eyes, it also takes away the stress on my face.

Reason #4 - Kimochi Aroma Pillows are fashionable 

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Take it from legit fashionistas Liz and Laureen Uy, who have been spotted on their Instagram accounts flaunting their own Kimochi Aroma Pillows. Both celebrities say that their Kimochis are great home remedies for body pain.

Reason #3 Kimochi Aroma Pillows is like having your own spa at home

Want that feel of having a spa-like treatments in the comfort of your own home? Kimochi Aroma Pillows are quite unique because the grains and seeds inside the pillows have this uncanny trait of absorbing scents, most especially aromatherapy oils and essences. Mine, for instance, is scented with a Eucalyptus Essential Oil which helps me calm down and try to relieve flu and other nasty nasal conditions. (Tip: you can also purchase Kimochi Aroma Essential oils separately and spray it on the pillows for a more therapeutic effect.)

Reason #2 Kimochi Aroma Pillows are affordable and sustainable 

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Aside from the use of grains in seeds in the pillows, you are quite sure that they are to last for a long time. Not only that, aside from the burlap-like pillow covers, the actual grains and seeds are actually enclosed in another cloth material which means added durability as well.

These are also perfect as gifts! Kimochi Aroma Pillows are highly customizable according to your event needs. 

Reason #1 Kimochi Aroma Pillows are locally made

These Kimochi Aroma Pillows, shown in various shapes, sizes and designs, may look as if they are imported from another country, but these are actually made in the Philippines. Personally. I think that they even deserve to be included when you use the #SupportLocal hashtag! 

So now that you know all about Kimochi Aroma Pillows, one thing left to do is to order one (or maybe a few) for your own use! It's the perfect home remedy for to cap off the night after a day's hardwork. 

Ordering a Kimochi Aroma Pillow is easy and they do offer deliveries as well. You may call the following numbers or contact them through their official Facebook Page below.

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