5 Reasons Why You Need To Visit Cafe PaManna Today

If you are not normally going anywhere near the area. you may be thinking that taking a trip to Fairview requires so much effort (especially if you are coming from the south; not to mention, even some of us good ol' Quezon City peeps call it FARview). Still, it's shouldn't be a surprise that Fairview also has its own list of unexpected good food joints that you may that you may want to come back for again and again. 

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A few weeks ago, I was able to check out Cafe PaManna, a quaint cafe and restaurant located at Falcon Street, which is one of the hidden gems in the area because it's actually part of a secured subdivision area. You wouldn't see the place right away, so one would need to ask for directions to find this gem of a resto cafe. The owners, Maki and Chiyo, were very particular about the creations of this establishment. Cafe PaManna's name came about from two meanings: one of which is derived from the word 'Manna' -- which means food in the Bible, and the other, which is taken from the Filipino word 'pamana' - because the capital used in creating the cafe is taken from Chiyo's inheritance from his late father. Take note though that Cafe PaManna is not associated with Pamana Cafe Restaurant in Tagaytay which is owned by the Ongpaucos.

Cafe PaManna is Fairview's hole-in-the-wall, and is already becoming my only choice to get a good grub when traveling to Fairview. Cafe PaManna houses less than twenty diners inside, but they have transformed the outside part of the establishment into a lovely al fresco area where you can dine as well.

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While appreciating the majestic man made tree outside, it was actually Maki who had thought of creating this gate/conversation starter. It's nice how it does look like a real tree, but only it's made with shaped metal.

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As soon as I entered the cafe, Cafe PaManna instantly had me at three jars: Nutella, Creamy Reeses and Speculoos Butter. But I had yet to try Cafe PaManna's awesome dishes. so come along as I give you five reasons on why you need to visit Cafe PaManna today.

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Reason #1: They have a wide array of interesting drinks.

If you look at the menu closely, it comprises of dishes and drinks from different roots and influences. Maki had injected his Japanese roots in some of the dishes and drinks, while Chiyo gets her influences from family favorites to getting inspired from her culinary background as a chef. Both are currently working full time at the restaurant with their first baby, Samu, which is also taken in association with the Zen culture.

download Cafe PaManna's menu in PDF: http://cafepamanna.com/Cafe-PaManna_Menu.pdf

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Maki is actually a colleague of mine back when we were working for an online advertising account in Eastwood. I'm not sure if he knows it, but it was during the time when Happy Lemon just opened and I always giggle whenever I get a Lemon Yakult slushie. So it was so nice of him to let me try the Yakult Soda at Cafe PaManna. I am a complete sucker for Yakult (I bet most people do) and he mixes it with a simple carbonated soda. It's so refreshing while you mingle in its sweet and sour qualities, This is something I'd want to have on a hot summer day that you just can't get anywhere else in Fairview.

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Other exclusive drinks include the Nutella Nutella and Speculoos Latte, which can both be ordered either in hot, over ice or ice blended versions. We had the ice blended version of each and mind you, they're so good! Normally you can imitate these drinks, but I assure you it would be quite difficult especially if you are talking about measurements. Both are made of high quality ingredients and topped with fresh nutmeg. A must-order if you are fan of these awesome spreads!

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Reason #2: Cafe PaManna has mole, and more

Students from FEU-NRMF must be lucky, they can have a taste of Cafe PaManna's dishes with less effort! Cafe PaManna's menu is impressive in a casual setting, and I just love the combination of Filipino, Japanese, and even Mexican inspired dishes. Plus, the sizes are simply enough to satisfy your tummy to the fullest. Here are some customer favorites that I've tried:

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Bangus Sisig - Cafe Pamanna's take on the traditional sizzling style bangus sisig is unique, as the finished product is put back from where the fish meat came from. Imagine having Rellenong Bangus only in sisig form. It's got the ever popular sisig notes from the finger chillies, calamansi and spices. It's not exactly something you would want to eat if you are not fond of spicy food. And the serving of the rice is so generous you can have this for sharing. 

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Servings are always big at Cafe Pamanna regardless of what you order. Each dish reminds you of weeknights with the family or Sundays at home but each crafted with the Cafe Pamanna twist. This Pork Ribs in Apple and Barbecue Sauce, for instance, is braised to goodness and just oozing with flavor. The sauce is sweet and savory and the rice just sops it all up so you are sure to get satisfied.

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Another must-try at Cafe Pamanna  is their version of a few popular Japanese dishes, one of which is the hefty-sized Hamburg Steak. Similar but not quite like the Salisbury Steak, Maki explained that this is just one of the many dishes taken from his Japanese roots. The meat is perfectly cooked and it complimented very well with the sauce. The egg is just cooked through so you would still have the egg yolk dripping off from the sides, making each meaty, eggy bite wonderfully delicious.

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Mole - which is a mexican spiced chocolate sauce, is something I have always heard foodies rave about, but there is this perception that it's very hard to make (which is true, btw). Yet, I haven't seen anything in Manila that serves up mole until now. And one of the reasons why Cafe Pamanna should be visited pronto? Their Pollo En Mole PaManna Quesadilla is the bomb! Gorgeous shredded chicken mixed in with Chiyo's version of mole, with cheddar cheese and enclosed in a well toasted tortilla, is served with an exquisite yet simple Chili Pineapple and Raisin Salsa. Amazing flavors combined, this is like taking a plane straight to Mexico City.

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Reason #3: Searching for the perfect cup? 
Cafe Pamanna's got you covered.

And I actually thought these were speakers, LOL.

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It's also great to know that Cafe PaManna also serves up a good cuppa made from high quality coffee beans without spending too much in a noisy, crowded cafes. They have handcrafted coffee made from either Mt. Apo, Benguet and Red Cherry Ethiopia Beans which are roasted in house and brewed as soon as you order, which takes approximately ten minutes. Maki, being a certified coffee expert, says that making coffee takes time, as he even works on the right temperatures so that it doesn't affect the quality of the beans in the first place, He also invested on his own special coffee siphons imported from Japan.

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Handcrafted Coffee in PaManna costs less than Php100 to Php120, and served in a special porcelain cup (that they use exclusively for use with their top of the line beverages as well as for Cafe PaManna's loyal customers/members), which made my drink looking extra elegant.

Reason #5: Desserts are made in-house....by Mom.

How about a Chocolate Carrot Cake with Chocolate Cream Frosting? Yes, desserts are just as yummy as their savory dishes, and they are specially made by Chiyo's mother, who makes them in-house as well. Dessert selections range from cakes, bars and pastries, and are always selling out everyday.

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When I went at Cafe PaManna, I got to try the Chocolate Carrot Cake with Chocolate Cream Cheese Frosting (which is just exquisitely good by the way) with btis of carrots mixing in with the chocolate flavored cake, and the cream cheese frosting with chocolate is genius.

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I also got to try some homemade Revel Bars, which looks sinful, but are actually quite healthy because it's made with the real stuff. Definitely not the store bought kind.

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Desserts are perfect with any drink of your choice. I, on the other hand, was full and happy and had my share of sweet endings with a cup of Mt. Apo handcrafted coffee, which is amazing with its sweet notes even though I didn't put any sugar yet. Just blissful.

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Most of all, everything is SUPER affordable with really good prices to beat. What more can you ask for!?!

I highly recommend you guys to go to Cafe PaManna and make it your regualr stop in Fairview whether it's for grabbing a quick meal or hanging out. After all, in Cafe PaManna, it tastes like home and feels like home.  

Cafe PaManna is open on weekdays, weekends, even during the holidays! Visit them today!
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