Watch Out For Hattendo Cream Buns: Soon To Open In The Philippines!

It has always been a dream of mine to visit Japan, and there is nothing else I would want to do but just to stroll all day and have a taste of yummy Japanese eats and treats without any remorse. I can only imagine myself enjoying the local street food, get some good ramen and sushi, try out some yakitori joints at night, enjoy the city landscapes, go to Kewpie Museum and drink Yakult. 

Yep, it's too obvious that I'm most likely going to spend my time eating food when I go there, which will be more often that how I consume Japanese food here in Manila, that's for sure. I just love it, and I know that I am not the only one who does.

So if in any case you may be enjoying Hattendo Cream Buns in Japan (as well as in Taiwan and Korea), then you might be surprised when you find out that these yummy treats are coming to the Philippines very, very soon! How soon, you ask? I know that they will open in a few months (or weeks, even) and they will have their first stall at the SM Mall of Asia.

When things like this happen, my mind blows and my fondness to go to Japan just keeps on growing. On the other hand, I so adore these cream buns. For the others, that means no more plane tickets to purchase just to get 'em!

These cream buns are baked in Mihara, Japan, and is best served chilled. And the texture of Hattendo's super soft buns are quite similar to our local sweet buns filled with custard from Cagayan de Oro, but the difference with Hattendo is the unique selection of cream fillings which just keeps you eating one after the other.  

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I was very lucky to have tried these interestingly unique buns prior to Hattendo's store opening in the Philippines, thanks to my dad in the food blogging world Richie aka The Pickiest Eater! And all I can say is that I already have a favorite Hattendo Cream Bun.

What is just great about Hattendo Cream Buns is that they fill these delicious sweet buns with a number of custard and ice cream selections, and so far I love their Creambun Azuki (sweet red bean). They also come in Chocolate, Mango, Whipped Cream and Matcha variants!

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