Vibrant Food, Vibrant Interiors: Visit The New Vikings SM Jazz Mall Makati

As much as I would like to stop myself from exploring the area, the fact is, I just can't help it. For the longest time that I have enjoyed my time (and got contented) with the life of a QC foodie, I am now more in tune with what Makati has to offer. I haven't seen everything yet, but the excitement of discovering something great in Makati has always been heart pounding, and I'm looking forward to seeing more hidden gems in the city soon.

In the meantime, let me have my buffet and eat it. Ladies and gents, this may not be new news for everyone, but Vikings in SM Jazz Mall in Makati has been creating some buzz lately, especially with Makati residents. Well, you should ask yourself, why not right? I mean, this is their first branch in Makati. Of course we should celebrate!   

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Vikings SM Jazz Makati is situated in the newest mall on the block, and simply stunning with a different concept. You may notice that whenever you go to different Vikings branches you would see different themes, and this time, let them take you to a journey in the streets of Rome, Italy. I have been to their other branches (except Marikina and their new Niu by Vikings Buffet Restaurant at SM Aura. See their other branch in Megamall which has a art museum concept here)

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Vikings SM Jazz Mall Makati also offers wine along with their buffet selections, but this Wine Bar inside is impressive, and would have to be a favorite spot when you go inside the venue. 

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Although the restaurant itself isn't as big as their other branches, they have managed to utilize the entire area; even the dividers in the restaurant are used to display their drink selections.

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And because the place isn't big enough, it's an easier advantage for customers because then you get everything much faster, right? As always, you can find something new whenever you go to a different Vikings branch. In this case, here are some things I found scrumptiously appetizing when I went there.

Insalata Caprese
Nines vs. Food - Vikings SM Jazz Makati-5.jpg

The deli section: various bread, cheese and deli meats
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Pork Asado and Veggies hanging from the Chinese Food section
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This! Slow-Roasted US Angus Beef Belly and US Beef Entrecote available at the Carving Station
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Yummy Okonomiyaki goodness from the Japanese Station
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Something new for me! The Milk Tea Station is both interactive with some basic but good selections.
Nines vs. Food - Vikings SM Jazz Makati-10.jpg

Make Your Own Shabu Shabu station
Nines vs. Food - Vikings SM Jazz Makati-18.jpg

Chili Garlic Shrimp that runs out everytime at the Asian Food station

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Apart from the great food selections, this would have to be my most favorite Vikings concept to date. The ceilings are always impressive at Vikings, and the one at SM Jazz wasn't left out at all. See the details on the design. Really nice!

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Someone is peeking from above

Nines vs. Food - Vikings SM Jazz Makati-15.jpg

Look above! It's a mosaic!
Nines vs. Food - Vikings SM Jazz Makati-16.jpg

Makati foodies should have a blast dining at Vikings, Not only do you get the best food from different cuisines, your eyes will thank you as well for having to see such romantic views as well (even the bathroom looks good!) 

Then again, please don't expect to have the best privacy only because Vikings is always packed with customers. But believe me that this is normal especially when you eat at a very successful buffet restaurant like Vikings.

Nines vs. Food - Vikings SM Jazz Makati-17.jpgNines vs. Food - Vikings SM Jazz Makati-13.jpg

Another impressive things that's really great is that they are also moving toward improvement with the help of some tablets and a survey that Vikings came up with c/o Tripvisor. Now it's easy to give feedback as it is easy to eat at Vikings SM Jazz Mall!

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Vikings SM Jazz Mall never runs out of promos for their customers, and they kick started this by putting discounts to all Makati based residents and working professionals based in Makati City. This time, they are offering discounts of as much as 25% on a regular weekday lunch voucher good for 6 hungry people! See details below:

EXTENDED PURCHASING PERIOD! Eat at the largest buffet restaurant in the Philippines and save 25% when you buy our 6-pax regular weekday lunch voucher! From P4,334.40 to just P3,250.80! Limited vouchers only! #eatlikeaviking

- Extended Purchasing Period: January 3, 2015 - January 28, 2015
- Redemption Period: January 5, 2015 - March 31, 2015
- Vouchers are available for purchase in-store only. 
- Vouchers only valid on regular weekday lunch.
- Discount is only valid for Vikings Jazz Mall branch.
- Discount can't be used in conjunction with in house promotions or discounts.
- Voucher is not valid during holidays (due to holiday rate).

For reservations or inquiries, PM us or call us at 891-3888, 891-4888, 0917-827-1888 or 0919-999-7888.

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