Maginhawa Just Got Even Hotter With Caution Hot! Spicy Noodle House

A lot of my good  friends have known about how I can tolerate heat very well. I know this as true, because when I was younger I used to hate spicy food. But as the years pass by, I slowly 'trained myself' to eating food with chilies in it. I haven't told this to anyone yet, but I guess it was my grandfather who inspired me to go with it, because I use to see him eat a whole chili with rice like it was his ulam (viand).

But to eat a hot (and I mean literally, hot) bowl of spicy noodles is actually new to me. I never really fancy spicy noodles only because I think it takes away that real flavor that you should be getting in the first place. I just think that anything that I eat with chili tastes the same, with mostly having a numb yet fiery tongue. But Caution Hot! Spicy Noodle House along Maginhawa corner Magiting Street is now my go-to place when it comes to having that craving for heat. 
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And because I discovered that I am allergic to chicken which stopped me from eating  buffalo wings *sad face*, spicy noodles would have to be my next doable option. 

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Thanks to my previous officemates whom I met with in Maginhawa a few weeks ago, they invited me to this place which used to be Fresh Selections across Mini Stop in Maginhawa. Now, it's the place where you get to 'Choose Your Burn --- Wisely'.
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Yes, choose it wisely I say. It basically has the same concept just as you would order buffalo wings, and you can choose from first to fourth degrees of hot burning awesome. Aside from that, you can choose your toppings, type of noodles and soup base.

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There are also a few 'Hot Recommendations' --- which are suggested combinations indicated on their soft opening menu. During my first visit, I ordered this 2nd Degree Burn Schezuan Base Soup with Beef and Egg Noodles, which is too big for me that I actually shared it with my friend. It's a Southwestern Chinese Spicy broth with mushrooms, greens and a fried egg, which is unique unlike the soft-boiled egg that you normally get with a bowl of Japanese ramen.

Man, that 2nd Degree both sure is spicy. My eating partner was literally perspiring like he just had a workout after finishing half of the bowl. My mouth was still tingling even after minutes of eating the noodle soup. It was really that hot! What more can a 4th Degree Soup Base do to us!?!

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Because we are always craving for soup, we figured that Caution Hot! Spicy Noodle House is now going to be on our staple list of noodle places which is accessible in our area. This joint has far more reasonable prices compared to the more expensive ramen places that I honestly find overrated. Plus, this is a good addition aside from my existing favorites like Ma Mon Luk and Masuki.

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My friend's order when we visited the second time is this 3rd Degree Schezuan Soup with Pork and Egg Noodles.

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I wasn't into for too much heat during this time though, so I settled with my Classic Pork Bone Broth Base with Pork and Wheat Noodles. While I also had mushrooms, greens and a fried egg, I did find the wheat noodles firmer, while the egg noodles had a better texture with their soup options. The next time I come back to Caution Hot! Spicy Noodle House, I'm just going to stick with the egg noodles instead. 

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Plus, who can't resist eating siomai? I have a soft spot for Pork-Kutchay Dumplings, served with chili sauce and a light soy dressing. These small yet filling meat and veggie pockets are very good and also sold at a very affordable price. I wonder if they are making these in-house though, or if these are just bought from somewhere else.

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Caution Hot! Spicy Noodle House also serves some 'Heat Extinguishers' such as Soy Milk, Iced Tea, Oolong Milk Tea and Tsing Tao Beer (which is like a Heineken dressed in Chinese hehe). Or maybe try their Fruit-Syrup Shaved Ice or Bao Bing instead (which I may need to try soon). 

All in all, Caution Hot! Spicy Noodle House is simply noodle-licious and worth visiting if you fancy eating something new in Maginhawa.

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