Beat 'No Shape December' With Cravings Fresh Picks

Not sure if there is anyone who missed me but hello there guys! 

Just in case you're wondering what happened when my blog became stagnant for a couple of weeks, well, let's say that there have been lots of activities and I wasn't able to squeeze in much for blogging! I was caught in between organizing our company's Christmas Party, making chocolate truffles for a big client, creating our office newsletter, and taking careful measures when it comes to my daily commute (December is notorious for a lot of thefts so while we are only a few days left before Christmas; so please be more careful with your phones and gadgets).

Another thing I am squeezing in actually is my tummy, because I admit to have already had lots of food even before 'No Shape, No Shame December' took a hit. Although these past few sleepless nights was a teeny bit helpful because it affected my appetite which (I felt) made me lose weight, I cannot say that I am convinced. So when some people tell me, "Nines, pumapayat ka na" (you're getting thin), I answer them them..."Puyat lang ako" (I just lack sleep).

So instead of continuously abusing our ability to eat more lechon, drink more beer and be merry, we should realize that sometimes our bodies will need something healthy for proper replenishment and detoxification. If only we can find a buffet with all the veggies you can eat in a number of ways.

Oh, and there is! As Cravings brings back their FRESH PICKS Weekend Buffet at their Katipunan, Shangri-la Mall and Molito Alabang branches.   

Nines vs. Food - Cravings Fresh Picks-1.jpg

Cravings has been known for its unlimited Soup and Salad buffet, but with Fresh Picks, you're getting more, because they also included a Mongolian buffet, unlimited juice and a choice of one grilled item for only P550.

But before that, I started my morning at Cravings with their cafe latte which is made with Di Bella Coffee Beans. I ain't a certified coffee lover, but this one is mellow and smooth with a mild bitter finish that's just soothing to the nerves.

Nines vs. Food - Cravings Fresh Picks-2.jpg

And Cravings is the only establishment that offers the Di Bella Coffee brand. You can also buy them in packs so if you want to try this one, you may visit their branches.

Nines vs. Food - Cravings Fresh Picks-3.jpg

In the meantime, feast on this splendid spread of salad items, most of which are coming straight from the owner's farm. It's truly one of the most affordable farm to table concepts that I know of.

Nines vs. Food - Cravings Fresh Picks-4.jpg

The soup selection that I encountered is composed of Cream of Potato and Egg Drop Soup.

Nines vs. Food - Cravings Fresh Picks-5.jpg

You can serve it with a good choice of crispy toppings like croutons or fried potato skins, even fried noodles.

Nines vs. Food - Cravings Fresh Picks-6.jpg

They also have bread available, which you can serve with these interesting plate of spreads. There's Liver Pate, Herbed Butter and house made Fruit Jam.

Nines vs. Food - Cravings Fresh Picks-7.jpg

I just love the set-up here. It's vibrant and full of life!

Nines vs. Food - Cravings Fresh Picks-8.jpg

One of the unique selections at Cravings Fresh Picks are these fried bean sprouts. They are like healthier alternatives to croutons. And they're packed with fiber too!

Nines vs. Food - Cravings Fresh Picks-9.jpg

Dressings are made exclusively by their chefs from choice ingredients. No bottled products and preservatives here. 

Nines vs. Food - Cravings Fresh Picks-10.jpg

As for the Mongolian Buffet, you can choose from  different colored capsicums, spices and noodles. All ready for the taking. There are chefs ready to cook them for you on the side of this spread.

Nines vs. Food - Cravings Fresh Picks-11.jpg

Nines vs. Food - Cravings Fresh Picks-12.jpg

Feel free to choose from Hoisin, Sweet Chili and Teriayki sauces. I tried both the Hoisin and Teriyaki plus a few red chillies and Garlic.

Nines vs. Food - Cravings Fresh Picks-13.jpg

Choice for the grilled items include rice, with options such as Shrimp with Pesto;
Nines vs. Food - Cravings Fresh Picks-14.jpg

Chicken Kebab Skewers;
Nines vs. Food - Cravings Fresh Picks-15.jpg

Hamburger Patties;
Nines vs. Food - Cravings Fresh Picks-16.jpg

and Grilled Cream Dory.
Nines vs. Food - Cravings Fresh Picks-17.jpg

And because I had enough space for all these healthy food; I was instantly full after eating everything on the photo below. I had some bread, Cream of Potato Soup, a hefty serving of salad, mongolian veggies and the Grilled Shrimp.

Nines vs. Food - Cravings Fresh Picks-18.jpg

As for the cakes, Cravings never fail to offer the yummiest, most dense cakes in Manila. I'm really a fan of their cakes even when I was working in Eastwood and they (used to) have a branch at the Eastwood Mall.

Nines vs. Food - Cravings Fresh Picks-19.jpg

These mini Chocolate Caramel and White Chocolate Cakes are actually available only when you avail of their Unlimited Circles Card to get all the cakes and coffee that you can consume, which is a separate card aside from their usual Cravings Loyalty Card called My Crave Card. You can ask for this when you visit their stores.

Nines vs. Food - Cravings Fresh Picks-20.jpg

Nines vs. Food - Cravings Fresh Picks-21.jpg

You can also try their scrumptious White Chocolate Caramel Cake if the traditional chocolate is not something you fancy.

Nines vs. Food - Cravings Fresh Picks-22.jpg

Opt for a healthier (ows) option such as this Carrot Cake. Really good!

Nines vs. Food - Cravings Fresh Picks-23.jpg

And here is another cup of my premium Di Bella Coffee, which is now in the form of a Cappuccino. Cuteness overload!

Nines vs. Food - Cravings Fresh Picks-24.jpg

Cravings Fresh Picks is available during weekends in Katipunan, Shangri-la and Molito Alabang branches. Check out more information about Cravings, including the latest updates and promos on
their Facebook page below:
Cravings Official Facebook Page
Cravings Official Website

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