The Best Food Finds are coming your way at the Best Food Forward 2014 on October 11 and 12 x Ticket Giveaway!

One of the biggest benefit food fairs is going to take Manila by storm once again, as the Best Food Forward event returns on October 11 and 12, and this time with a new venue at Rockwell Tent in Makati City, and I'm so excited to come back after first time to attend the event last year.

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This time though, I was able to join fellow bloggers where I had the chance to have an exclusive sneak peek as we all gathered at The Blackboard / CCA's branch at The Podium Mall in Ortigas Center.

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It's a wonderful time not only to find new food discoveries from the most talented entrepreneurs, home chefs and home bakers, it's also a time to meet a lot of people and create friendships through food. More importantly, it is to make a great venue to feature newcomers who wanted to establish themselves in the ever changing food scene.

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That includes meeting the people behind Best Food Forward, real BFFs Timmie, Gwen and Claire.

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The program began by of course introducing themselves, gave a background about Best Food Forward and how it was able to benefit lots of people aside from grubbing on the latest food finds. This year, proceeds of the event will go to the typhoon victims, mostly those who experienced the wrath of Yolanda last year.

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After introducing some of the owners/marketing representatives of some of the brands who are to participate in the event, we instantly moved on to this closed venue where all of the present brands were able to showcase their products and yummy goodies.

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Love, Agnessi is the first stall that I visited as I worked my way around the mini Best Food Forward set up. If you are fond of cookies, then you must visit on the actual event as this is just one out of many homebaked goodies that you wouldn't normally find in stores or the supermarkets.

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The brand is owned by these sisters who, according to them, never fail to enjoy their cookies with a cold glass of milk, which they let us try as well. Find out more about Love Agnessi on their Facebook Page ( and Instagram account.

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Meanwhile, one of the many catering ventures that you would find at the Best Food Forward event is Gourmet Garage, who were able to serve some samples of Grilled Shrimp with Baba Ganoush and not-so-spicy Braised Lamb with Rice on Phyllo Pastry.

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Despite the few items on display, there is no doubt that it still looks elegant. Gourmet Garage can accommodate your needs for almost any occasion: weddings, debut, corporate events, private functions and they also offer gourmet products which you can inquire about through their Facebook Page ( or e-mail address:

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Best Food Forward also gives you an opportunity to try other more portable savory items such as these yummy sandwich combinations from Big Dog's Kitchen. All lined up are panini creations such as the Cubano (a more traditional Cuban style sandwich), the General Mao (roast pork, hoisin sauce, cilantro, all my faves!) and the BMC (Brocolli, Mushroom and Chicken).

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My heart belonged to the Cubano during that time though. That meat combined with that mustard based sauce and pickles sure made my midday extra special!

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Just look for this talented Chef when you do want to try these amazing sandwiches! Or you can check out more from the Big Dog's Kitchen Facebook page:

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Kooky Pam is also another cookie venture, where the owners are sisters who offer yummy cookies, with flavors that are perfect for those who have a thing for sweets and cookie lovers mostly. It's not seen on the photo below, but I just love their Oatmeal Raisin Chocolate Chip variant. It's chewy, crunchy and healthy and it just made my day better. If you are a HIMYM fan and remember the scene where Lily was offered a cookie by the mother and felt better (Season 9, Episode 2 if I'm not mistaken)? That's how I felt, honestly!

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Catch owners Pam (on the left) and her sister serve you these wonderful treats at the Best Food Forward event!

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Voila Old Fashioned Jar Cakes makes everyone an irresistible homebaker as they offer these distinctive make-your-own jar cakes. Simply add some water, mix, and microwave. That's it!

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During the sneak peek, we were able to take home their Peanut Butter Mudcake and Belgian Fudge No.5 creations (this I've tried making and it was oh-so-sinfully-good, I'm telling you), but they also have a Red Velvet Hazelnut Fudge variant which I hope would be available on the 11th and 12th at Rockwell. 

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It's the first time for Voila Jars to participate at the Best Food Forward fair, but according to owner Alessa Yu, they already have a cult following as her product is also available in specialty coffee shops around the metro (such as Yardstick and Craft Revolution). For the complete list of stores, you can like their Facebook Page:

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Aside from homebaked goodies, sandwiches and specialty drinks, you can also find gourmet food finds such as this one from Lick The Spoon, which has a number of specialty products made from simple ingredients. How about serving some Gourmet Bagoong with Chocolate over hot rice or with Kare Kare?

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They also have a line-up of premium dips and sauces that you can use for making your dishes more exciting.

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They also offer gourmet tuyo and sardine bottles, perfect with bread or rice, even pasta!

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Catch Chef Arnold Bernardo on the Best Food Forward event and be sure to sample his products! Most of which comes with a free bag which also doubles as an organizer! You may also contact Chef Arnold on his Facebook Page:

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Japanese brand Kewpie is not a newcomer in the upcoming Best Food Forward event, but it has stayed and garnered much attention because of attending the food fair a few years back. And they are returning to give you more surprises come October 11 and 12. Such surprises such as these Roasted Sesame Pulled Chicken Sandwiches...

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....and these yummy Spinach and Artichoke Spread, served with toasted ciabatta. It does look very appetizing, doesn't it? No doubt!

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Don't leave the food fair without taking home Kewpie products and getting a copy of these recipes using Kewpie!

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It was also a privilege for Marketing Manager Nobuhito Nakajima who flew in from Tokyo to join us during the press preview for Best Food Forward. Having to visit the Philippines for the very first time, he is very happy to see that a lot of Filipinos are very much aware of the Kewpie Brand. Here he is, posing with this very cute Kewpie baby toy! He even told me about this Kewpie Museum in Japan as well, which makes me want to visit the country even more!

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Carnation is also one of the participants at the Best Food Fair event. Apart from specialty food stalls, there are also cooking demos, celebrity chef appearances, celebrity guests, attractions and more. You can bring your whole family to enjoy the festivities and sample some yummy food!

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Marmalade Kitchen also participates as they help you learn the ropes of cooking and baking. Not only do they offer classes for budding cooks, they also gave us some treats like these Deep Dark Chocolate Cookies! I really love these, especially since I am a fan of dark chocolate.

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As well as these Chocolate Brownies dusted with powdered sugar. The outer crust looks amazing, but you'd still get that soft sweet bite that you'd expect from a brownie. Noms!

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And to think that there were only a few stalls during the sneak preview yet I was so full already! Watch out for more when you visit this most happening food fair at the Rockwell Tent next weekend.

However, not only were we given the chance to meet and greet some of the participants of Best Food Forward, we we also graced with different specialties from Chef Michel himself of The Blackboard, like different variations of Panna Cotta..

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...and one of his signatures below. If you have experienced Death By Chocolate before, then why not try Chef Michel's Climax by Cheesecake? Surely these cheesecakes look quite orgasmic, don't you think?

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See you there at the Best Food Forward Event next weekend!

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I'm giving away tickets to the Best Food Forward event for October 11-12 at the Rockwell Tent in Makati! How to grab them? Simple! Just answer the question through the comment box on this post on "Why do you want to go to the Best Food Forward Event?" SIX LUCKY WINNERS who can comment their best answers below will get two (2) tickets each for free. Winners can claim their tickets by meeting me at the venue on October 12, Sunday at 10AM (you can coordinate with me also through the Nines vs. Food Facebook Page)

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  1. Oh my goodness!! Just reading your post and looking at the yummy photos from the sneak peak made me decide to dump my diet and enjoy good food! Honestly, I've never been to any of the previous Best Food Forward events...definitely regretting it now. I'd love to attend this year's BFF (praying really hard that I win tickets). I'm excited to try all the food that are showcased in the event and be a food critic even just for a day. Actually, another reason why I want to go to BFF, I want to support our budding entrepreneurs who are very talented in the food industry. I might be able to find ideas for potential Christmas gifts, thus helping promote their products! I hope I win tickets. I really really really want to go. ;-)

  2. Hi katinko! I'm sure most people will agree with me when I say that you do have a lot of valid reasons as to why you want to go - so YES I'm going to give you two tickets. See you on Sunday!

    I still have 10 tickets left so just in case your friends are interested to go with you tell them to join so I can give them some too :))

    - Nines

  3. I want to go and experience the Best Food Forward Event, too! From the established food entrepreneurs to the newcomers in the food business, from the savory eats to the sweet desserts, from old favorites to new discoveries, it seems to be the ultimate food trip a foodie can have. Plus, it's good to know that will benefit the flood victims of Leyte and earthquake victims of Bohol. So yeah, I'm keeping my fingers crossed to score those free tickets!!

    1. And yes you also scored two tickets Arvey! Catch you guys on Sunday! To Katinko and Arvey, kindly approach me at the entrance as I'll be there to wait for you from 10 to 1030am :))

      8 TICKETS LEFT tho!

  4. Just read the comment about meet up time. Is it possible to leave it with anybody at the entrance? :) please...

  5. Thanks Nines for the great pictures and article. Glad you liked the bottles and gift bag.

    Sharing your article in my FB account. Thanks!

    1. Thank you Chef Arnold! I hope you had a blast during the BFF last weekend! Good times! Cheers and hope to see more of your food innovations soon! :))