Experience Decades of Pinoy Food Gastronomy at Dekada, Historic Filipino Cuisine

My love for Filipino food hasn't really flourished well enough on this blog of mine, as I rarely see a good Filipino restaurant to begin with. Most of them are so-so, and some just obviously compensate quality with quantity. Personally, the best Filipino food is the one you usually have at home and a few others who made the cut based on my personal assessments. But this all changed when I went to Dekada, Historic Filipino Cuisine and tried some of their dishes.

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photo from Dekada - Historic Filipino Cuisine
Dekada, Historic Filipino Cuisine has branches in Glorietta (just near the Landmark entrance) and Ayala Fairview Terraces, and is a tribute to Filipino food and history combined. Here, it's like traveling back in time and trying to remember everything that happened in our country; and everyday is always a celebration of our changing times from the different decades (and centuries, even).

Take a glimpse of some of the things most people my age and older have probably encountered during the past.

Do you remember all the cassette tapes of all your favorite artists that you randomly collect before? Or maybe you might have used it to record some sentimental tunes so you can give it to someone special? 

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Old vinyl records and VHS tapes of Filipino movies are also in display. What made me even more amused is the fact that most of the movies displayed are from actor Gardo Versoza, who is more popular online as "Panginoon", or a god, because of his perfect physique that makes girls during those times go crazy.

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Like Dekada's way of mixing and matching food with history, some of them are even existent as part of the interiors in the restaurant. By the way, Dekada, Historic Filipino Cuisine is just one of the many establishments of the High Jap Group - the same people behind SumoSam, Akira, Mr. Kurosawa, Komrad, Marciano's, John and Yoko, Banzai etc. This is quite obvious when you notice their chairs and feature portraits of different things that resembles being a Filipino.

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Honestly, the restaurant is just like how I  see an extended dining area from an old house back in the seventies.

These cute relics reminds me so much of my childhood, especially the Michael Aaron's Piano Course Sheets, which I always had to use while my Lola teaches me how to play the piano.

I do have a knack for old things, Star Wars memorabilia and the Angelou De Leon-Bobby Andrews tandem during the 90s!

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Filipino movie writers do have a sense of creativity during the last couple of years. And to think these were blockbusters back then!

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Translation: How to you divide your heart into two? Lol.

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However, the real blockbusters in Dekada, Historic Filipino Cuisine right now is the Family Fiesta, which consists of four different combinations of their most popular dishes all rolled into one fiesta experience, which is actually perfect for about 4 to 6 people.

You can choose from Magwagi, Katipunan, Magtagumpay and Haligi (which is their merienda family fiesta)

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The one I tried a few weeks ago is the Magwagi, which is a boodle type of different sorts: it's a combination of Sinigang na Sugpo sa Kamias, Adobo Rice, Twice Cooked Adobo, Bicol Express, Binukadkad na Pla-Pla, one whole Lechon Manok and Laguna Salad, all for P1,999.00.

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If eating adobo is the best, then this Adobo Rice from Dekada is even better. See how it also has pieces of tomatoes , slated egg and adobo flakes as well! I did not see any signs of skimping of ingredients on this one.

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I admit that I enjoyed it a lot, and even had a piece of Lechon Manok (meds to the rescue because I have allergies), the soup had just the right amount of sourness (and the sugpo was not small, so you are getting your money's worth); the twice cooked adobo was made with beef instead of pork, so that was a first time as well.

The Laguna Salad also compliments very well with the dishes, specifically the Binukadkad na Pla-Pla (just so you know, it was the fish I was referring to). And because the sauce from the Bicol Express was deconstructed (since it was separated from its usual partner, the crispy pork pieces), you can also use them with the fish, which is just wonderful!

Even just browsing through their menu is like browsing a Philippine history coffee table book; the only difference is that their menu makes your mouth water.

Even their dessert selection did not fail to have these unique names, except for the traditional Puto Bumbong (ube sticky rice treats) and Bibingka (rice cake). which doesn't really need any introductions, really.

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